17 Wealth Tips for Successful People


That beautiful, green image of our friend Ben Franklin is something that me, you, and millions more people in the world want and some feel like they need.

It would be great to have one hundred dollars, but a lot of us dream of having 999,999 plus one more of those in our bank account.

Money has come to me in two forms so far, and yet I am in the search of finding another income….

I have been doing heavy reading in certain books….but to be honest guys, through all the books I have read, there are only two authors who have kept my interest and have made a ton of sense.

1.Dale Carnegie

2.Napoleon Hill

These guys both have things common in their books, everything begins with the thought and the belief in success.

Yes, I know that sounds like the same thing you heard in the past, and I know that thought and belief doesn’t sound like it puts money in your bank account but it does.

For example,

William “Bud” Post III worked at carnivals and did time in jail. He never seemed motivated to grow his finances.

In his 40’s with a few bucks to his name he won more then $16 million in the Pennsylvania lottery in 1988.

Within 3 months Bud was already $500,000 dollars in debt, partly from him purchasing a twin engine airplane (without owning a pilot license).

After taxes from the lottery payment, Bud continue spending without investing, by the 1990’s he filed for bankruptcy and died in 2006 from respiratory failure.

His bankruptcy lawyer John Lacher said, “While you might buy one laptop, Bud would see the same laptop and buy 30.”

Bud was in the same playing field as the rich and successful, but his thoughts was still the same as when he started off working at the carnivals.

Lets look at the opposite end of the spectrum….

Do Won Chang and his wife moves to America from Korea in 1981. When they arrived he was forced to get three jobs: coffee shop worker, gas station attendant, and janitor.

In a matter of three years, him and his wife was able to open a clothing store in 1984.

That one store grew into “Forever 21”, which founded fast fashion and is multi national 480 stores and generates $3 billion in sales a year.

Chang says, “Forever 21 gives hope to people who come here with almost nothing.” He also says,” The fact that immigrants coming to America, much like I did, can come into a Forever 21 and know that all of this was started by a simple Korean immigrant with a dream.”

What did you notice between Bud and Chang? Both started off on the same playing field, both lives where changed and yet their thinking was totally different.

As I said before I’m always looking for the next income stream, and I came across a guy who had a list that blew me away.

His list compares the thoughts and habits of the rich and the poor. This guy name is T. Harv Elker writer of the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”.

Like Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill, he believes every man is the same, the only difference why some people life change and others don’t is because of what they think and believe, their mindset.

Elker came up with 17 wealth tips from successful people. He call them….

Wealth Files


Wealth File #1:
Rich people believe “I create my life.”
Poor people believe “Life happens to me.”

———— This in a nutshell is saying circumstances and situations (especially bad) run the poor, the rich….when all doors close for the successful people, they create new doors.

Wealth File #2:
Rich people play the money game to win.
Poor people play the money game to not lose.

————- Poor people try to hang on to their money and still lose it, Rich people invest and take risk with their money and end up making more money. Your money is not meant to sit still, invest it, give it away to a good cause. You will never go broke by giving. Trust me.

Wealth File #3:
Rich people are committed to being rich.
Poor people want to be rich.

————- How many people want wealth, but their lives say otherwise? The road to being rich is a lifestyle. What do I mean? Sleepless nights, early morning wake ups, arguments with spouses. Committed to being rich is being married to it. You must stay faithful.

Wealth File #4:
Rich people think big.
Poor people think small.

————– You grow older, and start to think when life hits you and people opinions about you go to your ear, that your dreams are too big. You begin to think you can’t have the mansion or the Italian sports car. Mentally your already defeated.

Wealth File #5:
Rich people focus on opportunities.
Poor people focus on obstacles.

————–The poor focus on their problems; bills, relationships, lack of money. The rich focus on new ways to make money

Wealth File #6:
Rich people admire other rich and successful people.
Poor people resent rich and successful people.

————– It’s funny, you hear the terms “rich snobs” or “born with a silver spoon” terms coming from someone who can’t understand why they live paycheck to paycheck. The rich admire other successful people and take away things from them to apply to their on ventures.

Wealth File #7:
Rich people associate with positive, successful people.
Poor people associate with negative or unsuccessful people.

——————— Gang members, usually end up in jail, dead, and if not those two, they are dealing with violence, murder, selling drugs, basically nothing to do with positivity or people who gossip, they entire goal is to tear people down and they enjoy it because of their stale-mate lives.

The rich understand, if you run with lions your the king of the jungle, if you run with eagles your the baddest thing in the sky.

Wealth File #8:
Rich people are willing to promote themselves and their value.
Poor people think negatively about selling and promotion.

———————- Notice how celebs when they have a movie or album coming out they take the time to go radio/television interviews? They basically do more work, letting people know that what they did is of great value and you should buy into it.

The poor feel as though that’s too much work. 

Wealth File #9:
Rich people are bigger than their problems.
Poor people are smaller than their problems.

———————– Everyday poor people think, worry, and complain about their problems. Their problems have attached themselves to their lives. The rich understand that problems are apart of the dream. To the rich, problems always come before the reward.

Wealth File #10:
Rich people are excellent receivers.
Poor people are poor receive

———————- When cash hits a rich man hands, it doubles, when it hits a poor man hands it vanishes.

Wealth File #11:
Rich people choose to get paid based on results.
Poor people choose to get paid based on time.

———————- The poor trade their time/life to get paid on a job they hate. The rich get paid by having their money work for them. They invest in a product or service and you buy that product or service.

Wealth File #12:
Rich people think “both.”
Poor people think “either/or.”

——————— Poor man says, “I can’t pick between the red or black car.” The rich man says, “I can’t pick between the red or black car, I will buy both.”

Wealth File #13:
Rich people focus on their net worth.
Poor people focus on their working income.

——————— How many people you know live paycheck to paycheck, once that check arrives it’s gone, and the sad thing the poor still owe. If you are depending on a job paycheck you will never be free.

The rich focus on their overall wealth. Their investments, their streams of income, how much they will get paid for guest appearances. For instance, if actor Denzel Washington came to do a speech at a local high school graduation, would his net worth allow him to get paid only a hundred bucks for speaking?

Wealth File #14:
Rich people manage their money well.
Poor people mismanage their money well.

————————– You can trust a poor person to always do bad with money that comes their way. You can trust a rich person to double his money when it comes their way.

Wealth File #15:
Rich people have their money work hard for them.
Poor people work hard for their money.

———————- The rich invest whether it is in stocks, bonds, real estate and materials that appreciate with value. These investments go up in value (more money) while you are asleep.

Poor people work hard for money that will disappear once it hit their hands.

Wealth File #16:
Rich people act in spite of fear.
Poor people let fear stop them.

————————– Remember, your life is in a slump, here’s why star solace article? Fear has always been the great divider. It proves who are really serious about attaining their goals.

Wealth File #17:
Rich people constantly learn and grow.
Poor people think they already know.

———————— Albert Einsten said, “The moment you stop learning, you start dying.”

I was watching a documentary about Dr.Dre and Jimmy Iovine the show is called “The Defiant Ones.”

Dre wanted to get into some kind of sponsorship, the first deal to come to his table was fashion, and he said he pretty much wear the same type of shoes daily (white low top air force ones, he literally showed them in a row at his home lol).

Jimmy Iovine told him their was a deal on headphones. (You know where I’m going with this).

Dr. Dre felt that this was right, being that he was a producer, musician, and pretty much know everything about music.

So him and Jimmy looked at all the headphones that supposely gave the best sounds. They gave bose a shot, but they ended up passing because they wanted a party headphone not a quiet headphone.

So they tested a ton of headphones and they ended up settling with Monster Cable Products, which had the best sound to the two executives.

You see, Dre and Iovine had the right to say hey, I know about music and I know about headphones, we have dealt with these type of things for years.

But no…..

they researched until it felt perfect to them.

This decision alone, pushed Dre into the billionaire club.

See…reading books are fine, but to be honest a book will not make you money, it all begins inside of you. A very strong belief in yourself and God (for all my believers).

Do you think Dre and Jimmy didn’t believe in themselves, how would they have an empire called Interscope records if they didn’t….

and yes….

they went through hard times, just like your tough times, but guess what thats called?


but it’s what you do through the hard times that determines where you will be (geez that sounds good, I should make that a quote ;).

You don’t have a clue on how to make money, you don’t know where to start, how can you compare to the millionaires of this world?

Turn your life around, and get all the bad thoughts out of your head for good. Replace them with positive thoughts even when things are rough.

Be appreciative of the things you already have, meet people that have the same exact goals and dreams as you. This will motivate you and push you further.

This might not be politically correct but notice foreigners/immigrants who come to this country.

They come to the states without a penny to their name, and by a year or two they run their business (ie. Do Won Chang from above).

Mr. Chang provided himself with multiple streams of income, to get where he wanted, his believe and his drive was that strong, and now he is a….


19 of the most inspiring rags-to-riches stories in business is one of the best articles I have read online, if this doesn’t prove that everyone can do it, then you will lose it.

Notice in that article what the guys all went through…..

1. They had a strong desire and belief to be successful

2. They was met with some king of adversity/problem (most of the time having no money or running out of money)

3. They made sacrifices because their thinking was bigger then their problems, for example; sleeping in cars, working more then one job, and getting rid of luxury because they knew they would have those things and more in the future.

Everyone is looking for this blueprint…..

the blueprint that shows step by step how to get rich, and the amazing thing about the internet it shows you,  the blueprint on a hundreds of websites.

It shows you the HISTORY of these people who started at rock bottom, and in a few years skyrocketed to greatness.

History repeats itself, study the rich man history. No one is hiding the path to money making…..No one can stop you, the only reason why you’re not rich is because………of…….YOU!

I literally have articles on Star Solace, where I show people easy ways to make money and guess what?

Some people have took that knowledge from the articles and made money…… and others are still broke wondering why life is so cruel to them.

So it doesn’t matter if you have the rich man blueprint, because that rich man can take you by the hand and show you step by step how to make money, how many months, days, and seconds on when the millions will come and you will have a ton of people who still would give up.


Because it all starts with the thought process. Negative thoughts materialize.

I see for my skeptics you would like a little science behind this:

attn says this about what negative thinking does to the brain, the more a person thought process trend negative and slim into rumination ( always turning over a situation in the mind and focusing on the bad part of it) the easier it is to always stay in that negative thought pattern.

Which mean if your not careful, you will remain trapped in the negative thought process.

When your thoughts are always negative, how possible is it to start up a business, to hear criticism from others, to take a small bank account and turn it into a big one?

I guess you will fight negativity with negativity huh?

Rather they know it or not the wealthy people of the world have the “17 wealth tips from successful people” downloaded to their brain.

And I’m sure books and courses helped them along their journey, but in the end you have to realize you are you own book.

Look back at your life and notice your mistakes, look at what you spent on in the past, that did not bring money or meaning back to your life.

Look at current friends and relationships, to see if they are draining or increasing though positive thought process.

When the successful look at T. Harv Elker Wealth files, they know which side they belong on.

Rich or Poor, which one is you?

Later Wolves


I want to say thanks for my old and new friends who read this article, it was longer then the usual post but it was on my heart and mind to show those who are having a tough time in life that everyone is on the same playing field, rich or poor.

If you like or dislike anything I said, or felt like I needed to add more please comment below.

And I do love shares, so please share the heck out of this post. Seriously the comments and shares make me feel all warm and fuzzy in the inside.


So you down to this part, and wondering why I’m going on and not ending it. It’s because if you’re ready and don’t want the motivation high to stop.

I have something for you. I wrote it for the poor man, so he can begin his business or kick off his dreams.

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