Monthly Archives: September 2014

Your Job is not designed to make you rich

Morning Wolf Pack, Remember when you was a kid, you had the dreams of being anything you wanted to be. Nothing or anybody could stop you from dreaming that one day you will have that career you always wanted. Where … Continue reading


Hardcore Pawn

My pack of wolves, As I turn on the tube, I browse through the channels and it always seems that I stop on the trutv channel. They always have over the top television shows but I find myself laughing to … Continue reading


Bet you never knew a cold shower did so much.

Hello Wolf Pack, It seems when we all go into the shower, it becomes second nature to make sure the shower knob is as far away from the cold side as possible. On the level of torture it would seem … Continue reading


3. Luxury cars are a waste of MONEY

Hola Wolf Pack, Since you was a kid I understand most of you have had dreams (programmed) of owning that brand new luxury car. The car that would make all eyes fall on you. America has always put inside our heads … Continue reading


The flashest man in the room is the poorest man in the room

You ever notice that guy, who was in the room always flashing his money or showing that he is better then certain people or always seeking attention from people. You see this guy a lot of times on social media … Continue reading


Masturbation + Porn = Erectile Dysfunction

Greetings Wolf Pack, Lets keep it real, we are all men here. You have done it, we have all done it. Now is the time to stop, no matter how many lies you have heard about it being healthy for … Continue reading


5. Jordan sneakers: Consumers have been fooled

Wolf Pack! What’s up?! From my teen years to my mid twenties I have been what you have considered to be a sneaker head. Lover of shoes, especially the old and the vintage. I won’t bash Jordan sneakers 100 percent … Continue reading


American Greed

Salute Wolf Pack, I rarely watch television these days and when it comes to movies it has to be something that really grabs me or something that I have been anticipating for a long time now. When I do watch … Continue reading