Monthly Archives: October 2014

Value Your Seed, Keep it Within

Star Wolves hello, There is a reason why trainers told their boxers to stay celibate before a fight. When the boxers refrained from releasing they realize their punches where harder, endurance was longer, mind was more focus, and they was … Continue reading


College is scamming you

Good day Wolf Pack, Our parents have told us that the key to a good life is a good education. You finish high school, you go to college, you get your degree, and then suddenly the big bucks roll in, you’re happy … Continue reading


Fast N Loud (Discovery Channel)

Hi wolves, I get a kick out of watching the following show I’m about to speak on, matter of fact when my television is on  it is usually on the discovery channel watching “Fast N Loud”. I can remember when … Continue reading


a 10. Distractions, all around you to keep you from succeeding

Bonjour wolf pack, Have you  been sitting around watching movies, on the phone, or on social media and realize that the time flew by while you was doing these activities. Maybe you were bored and you did these things to pass … Continue reading


Take Lessons from the animal kingdom

My wolfers, It is a reason why the most high, created his creatures on this planet. A lot of lessons can be learn from watching these creatures in the animal kingdom. The ants for instant work endlessly to prepare for … Continue reading