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Look to yourself, stop idolizing others

How can you believe in yourself when you adore and envy the lives of others everyday? It’s funny that people tune in and watch the same award shows every year, and watch the jerk fest circle of the same celebs getting … Continue reading


5Linx, the new age con scam

Hello Wolf Pack, They come with the same pitch, “Do you want to make as much money possible from the comfort of your home?” Run, from whatever you’re about to be sold, and don’t ever look back. The majority of the … Continue reading

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You’re broke because of useless materials in your home

Bon jour Star wolves, We have been so fixated on the newest phones, the newest shoes, the newest crap. The newest thing you purchase loses it luster after awhile (sometimes a short while) and your brain washed into purchasing the other new … Continue reading


Horrible Movie of 2014: Godzilla

Yo wolf pack, This year is coming to a close, I have seen a good many movies and most of them was disappointing. Only a few, and I do mean few turned out to be great and those were the movies … Continue reading