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The Year 2015 : Conquer yourself Conquer your Surroundings

Hello Wolf Pack I hope everyone had a good holiday, me myself I am happy to see it gone, the reason for the season has been buried and people are to blind or don’t have the balls to admit it, … Continue reading


Christmas Stress: Buying when you have no desire to

Morning Wolves, Christmas is coming up sooner then you think and at the end of the day people are buying and complaining about buying gifts. It has come to the point people feel that Christmas buying has turned into a … Continue reading


6. Porn is the weapon that kills will and motivation

Hello Wolf Pack, You had those times when you watch  porn after a long day of work,  when you was stressed out or out of sheer boredom. You spent all that time jacking off to women  you fantasized about and when you … Continue reading


Horrible Movie of 2014: The Amazing Spiderman 2

Greetings Wolf Pack, The year is coming to a close and I will continue to let you in on what movies was horrible this year. We already spoke on the failure of Godzilla, lets now speak on the amazing Spiderman … Continue reading