Monthly Archives: February 2015

Guest Starring: Netanderthal Man – Baggage (we not speaking on clothes either)

Hello Pack, I want to introduce you all to my international connection (yes star solace even spans across seas) Netanderthal Man. He  writes for and he is also my partner in our web design studio called “Iron Crown” but enough with … Continue reading


No Fap : Reward yourself when each week is completed

Good Afternoon Wolf Pack, I’m pretty sure my pack has been kicking a$$ and taking names when it comes to not fapping, and if you find your self relapsing then I may have the full proof plan to get you … Continue reading


9. Weed, Alcohol, and Cigarettes : The tools of derailment

Pack I’m back, As the economy slips down that dark rabbit hole, we will see more of the masses indulging in the use of weed, alcohol, cigarettes, and other recreational drugs. I won’t take you back to the time you was … Continue reading