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Work-from-home Scams

Morning Wolf Pack, as you know I make sure to keep your pockets safe from those money robbing leeches and vultures by providing the monthly scams to look out for. One scam that has been gaming others for years now is the … Continue reading

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The Star Solace shirts are on the way…..

Hello Pack, Forgot to mention that me and my right hand man been working on graphics for shirts, I want to put out quality for the wolf pack and their will be three shirts in total and more to come. Make … Continue reading


Top 3 Alpha Male Movie Characters

Morning Wolf Pack, while the movie industry is turning more P.C the era of alpha male movies is turning extinct. That’s why today I bring to you the top three alpha movies in my opinion. The three movies/characters I present … Continue reading


Take Lessons from the animal kingdom pt.2

Hello Wolf Pack, I said it before and I will say it again you can learn a lot from the animal kingdom. You can learn more from watching the discovery channel then watching some senseless human beings, nature is still … Continue reading


This generation of men = weak

Or shall I say pussified. Salutations Wolves, it has really irked my soul how much in the states how males have traded their balls in to get gratification to chase women and even become more like women more by the … Continue reading