Monthly Archives: October 2015

Killer Wolf Series 3: Men who get the most women get rejected the most

Greetings Wolfers, A lot of guys go through most of their lives not understanding the mind of a woman. You have some guys who will go as far as even buying books and even spending countless amount of money on … Continue reading


No masturbation: Count the weeks not days

Hello Pack, hope all is well. For myself my favorite nfl team got slaughtered yesterday I am wishing for Dez Bryant and Tony Romo a speedy recovery lol. On to the topic at hand folks, I been getting emails about … Continue reading


Comments made Simple on Star Solace

Wolf Pack a few tech changes was made on Star Solace. People have sent me emails for awhile telling me how difficult it was to leave a simple comment on the website. The comment system made you sign up through … Continue reading