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The Power Behind Writing Things Down

Hello Pack, A pen can be meaningless or it could be a masterpiece to your life canvas. Writing is Power. Writing is what crafted the constitution and bill of rights some 200 years back which governs the U.S to this very … Continue reading


8. I refuse to buy anything on Black Friday

Evening Pack, Its around the time, where people go nuts over black friday sales, black Friday this black friday that. Black Friday has been conning and scamming you for years. The commercials and the online ads begin to pick up … Continue reading


Worst Movie of 2015: Jupiter Ascending

I beg of you, don’t dare purchase this movie or even waste money renting. You may rent it out of curiosity but this movie is really awful. The acting is horrible. I never been a fan of Channing Tatum or Mila … Continue reading

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