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3 Things That Are Not What They Seem

        I was watching the Olympics, viewing Usain Bolt annihilate the competition. When i heard the announcer say he won his ninth gold medal, a thought occured to me. A gold medal should be worth alot of money, since its made out of….well…gold 😵. … Continue reading


When You Were 18 Years Old…

The teen years of your life, what an exciting time. Full of endless dreams, opportunities, and never a dull moment. You never knew, the stress that was awaiting in the dark to take you, the job that you hate going … Continue reading


The Directories

Wolf Pack, you all know me. I share the goodness. I don’t believe in withholding good information from the masses. I am not the only site giving up awesome information either, that’s why I created the Star Solace Directories. I … Continue reading