Monthly Archives: February 2017

The Secrets Behind Your Jobs

    JOBS No, not that jobs…. you know those irritating things we go to everyday, those things we adore and love. See wolf pack, I know you….you never EVER complain about your jobs… never complain about the pay…noooo not you! … Continue reading


The Legends Had One Thing In Common

         I haven’t spoke on it in the while, and people have sent me e-mails about speaking on it again. So I figured I will bring up an old topic in a new way….. we should look at this though the … Continue reading


People Who Are Out To Destroy You!

  There are eyes watching you Some lurk in the shadows, some in the sunlight, a lot of those eyes belong to your so called closest friends and family. The eyes that watch you secretly hate you, these people love … Continue reading