My name is L.J. aka Fatal Jay

All that you should know about me is that I am here to inspire and in turn for you to inspire me.

I am here to tell you truth, the truth that the winners won’t tell you to help achieve your goals.

My website is more than a blog, it is a blueprint to improve whoever chooses to take advantage of it.

Books and blogs give you false hope and dance around the target, I will show you how to aim and shoot the target.

I want to win, I want others to win, I have always been that type of man.

This website will not be filled with the latest gossip, you will not get that here.

This is Star Solace

Star because “we” will achieve our goals and make it to the top

Solace because I want to bring you ideas when it feels as though you have no more options.

The wolf is the logo because the wolf can be a vicious creature, and they run in packs.

Let’s begin, Wolf Pack.

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