When you CHASE you LOSE!

If you would look at the National Football League or College football understand that when the quarterback throws the ball into one of his teammates hands, the opposite team will chase or do anything in their power to tackle the football handler to the ground.

Once the opposite team tackle the handler, the game goes right back to the beginning. Quarterback throws the ball, teammate catches, and opposite team chases then tackles.

The game of football could be applied to life when you are constantly chasing things whether it’s a job, person, or anything you feel that is out of reach.

Sometimes you can catch the football carrier, then other times that person runs into the end zone and makes a touchdown….and you lose.

Chasing things uses up a lot of energy, especially mentally….constant chasing can even make you become frustrated.

Frustration is not necessarily a bad thing, but it is a fork in the road. The road can lead you to doing some very messed up things or you can take the other path where it leads you to….

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Some things out there are not meant to be caught other things are meant to be a lesson taught, and other things your chasing should be charged to the game….dropped out of your life…….and you redirect your focus on something else.

Napoleon Hill’s book Outwitting the Devil (a book that was hidden from the public for 70 years), speaks on this on a spiritual harmonic level called


Which is someone who is controlled by the devil (or negative thoughts) and does not think for themselves.

One of the attributes of drifting is….a person who makes the same mistakes over and over again , and their only reward is failure.

Or someone who accepts whatever life throws at them without a fight and one who allows themselves to be influenced and control by things outside of his mind.

The world is full of drifters…..

you know them or you’re one yourself. A person that blames life or God for dealing you a bad hand.

The devil in Napoleon book describes how people turn into drifters, through a natural law called Hypnotic Rhythm.

Hypnotic Rhythm takes the dominating thoughts of a human over time and makes them permanent. These thoughts are almost impossible to change.

This is why you have people who have been drug addicts for years who can never shake the addiction, their dominating negative thoughts have engulfed them and made it impossible to be cured.

A drug addict, is always CHASING after the first high, they will never get that high again but they are constantly chasing after it and before they know it, their lying about the addiction, stealing from family members, health have turned to crap, jail time, and finally the grave.

The chase has to do with a bruised ego.

You know the outcome of what your doing, you know it’s bad for you, and yet you do it anyway.

Yet you get the same results like the drug addict, you get pain instead of pleasure.Think about it in terms of a relationship that has ended……

rarely have a couple broke up at once or on mutual grounds, its usually one person dumping the other.

The dumper ends thing with the dumpee because in the nutshell, that person is not attracted to the dumpee anymore.

Usually when the dumper end things, its without closure, the dumper is too afraid to say …………

I don’t want to be with you anymore because I have lost interest in you, your not attractive to me anymore, and I have found someone else”.

The absence of closure is what creates the chase, and what destroys your ego.

The definition of Ego is, “a person’s sense of self-esteem or self-importance.”

When your ego is shattered, the only thing on your mind is to gather up the pieces, and try to chase after something that is not yours anymore, and at the end of the day most people desire the things they can’t have.

The secret to a broken relationship is to admit to yourself that the person does not want you anymore, and realize that the best option to get over it is to get busy doing something or forming a new bond with someone.

Something or someone who is going to fill that void that suddenly left from your life.

Is it tough, HECK YEAH, but how can a wound heal if you keep picking at it?

When your chasing after something, that usually means that whatever your behind does not want to be caught…..the chase is the thing that is dangerous.

The chase leads to hypnotic rhythm which turns you into a drifter.

Work hard on yourself, and I promise everything you thought you wanted from the chase will seem insignificant compared to what will come to you.

Chasing is pathetic, ask the person who gamble away their money in hopes of striking it rich without work, ask the person who barely lives off government assistance, ask the guy/girl who constantly get turned down by their ex who dumped them.

Its pointless and pathetic.

Have some confidence and pride in yourself, stop chasing, and start working within yourself. 



Let me know if my words are right or wrong, have you chased after someone or something and was successful or not in the comment section below

I am the guy who wrote this article, I’m also the guy behind the madness of Star Solace, thanks for reading =)

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