a 10. Distractions, all around you to keep you from succeeding

Bonjour wolf pack,

Have you  been sitting around watching movies, on the phone, or on social media and realize that the time flew by while you was doing these activities. Maybe you were bored and you did these things to pass the time and that is exactly why these things were created, to have you waste hours with meaningless distractions to keep you from thinking outside the box and achieving your goals.



They call me a conspiracy theorist, I call myself a realist. The big greedy guys on top who are behind these corporations invest big money in keeping you from working out your brain because maybe, just maybe if you cut out the meaningless, worthless in take you put into your brain everyday you would be competition or even a threat to them.

Sit back and ponder how many hours you wasted away watching television, internet , playing videogames, and social media and when I say add it up I’m talking from the earliest time you can remember. If you transfer that time to you putting in work in something constructive or goal driven I bet the majority would agree that you would have already achieved success and then some.

Let me give you an example of how deep the rabbit hole of distractions can be, now I love watching football been a fan forever. The thing about watching football I can only watch it for so long until I have to get up and do something, I usually talk to a few people about the games and teams, and I notice now that when guys speak on their favorite teams, they seem to say “we” a lot. We, as in you’re apart of the team, yet not receiving any type of payment from the owner or staff. The same guys who can sit up and watch a game for hours. These lethal distractions turn into hours and soon enough turn into years, years of wasted time.

As you analysis things more, you would realize that your partaking in transferring your free time while making these big time corporations more wealthy. I promise you if you cut back on your wasted time and put it into something constructive not only will your self worth grow but you will be able to capitalize off of your work. Life is short and as you get older you will see that the quote is golden, life is not meant to be wasted away in a sedated state like a zombie.


I am the guy who wrote this article, I’m also the guy behind the madness of Star Solace, thanks for reading =)


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L.j. Upshaw said : Guest 3 years ago

Thanks for commenting. I'm here to help and in turn you guys help me.

Winnie LeBlanc said : Guest 3 years ago

This is the best site ever !!! So informative.

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