Fun ways to Grow your Bank Account


Andy Warhol

was the man in the 1960s – 1980’s, he was one of the founders in the term called “pop art”. You may not have a clue who I’m speaking on but he made these pieces you might recognize such as:

campbell’s soul cans

Marilyn Diptych

He was a very controversial artsy guy, he set a ton of trends and when he talked people listened.

One of my favorite quotes from him:

Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”

Making money needs to be seen as fun or art as Andy says. Making money does not mean a boring stressful time on the job. There are cool ways out there to grow your bank account….

and I’m going to show you how wolf pack……

Lets start small, sometimes you need to start at 30 miles per hour before you clutch it to 90 mph.

Save and Hold on to your Coins

yep that’s right, one of the best ways to increase your bank account is for 6 months to a year, hold on to every single coin you have.

Purchase one of those clear container piggy banks and watch your money grow before your eyes each month.

Americans throw away millions in coins each year, and here at Star Solace we demand our cut of that pie.

Sell your Photos to Stock Photo Sites

You have people out there who are a beast with a camera.

You have some ladies out there who can catch that right angle or use that right filter that turns the photo into something professional looking.

Fellaz, you have places in your city where the awesome scenery should be captured with your cell phone or professional camera.

Make sure if you’re using a cellphone that the camera is not crappy. When you feel like you have captured the best image…..

Upload your photos to istockphoto, shutterstock, and bigstockphoto. They have payment arrangements if they chose your images.

Do what the pros do. Take about a hundred pictures, and then pick 3 or 4 that stand out among the rest.

there is nothing like enjoying a peaceful beautiful fun day at the park or lake and making some cash from it too.

Dumpster Diving

You asking yourself, “who would have fun jumping into a dumpster?” I will tell you who, the people who realize the stuff their getting is freaking FREE! First and foremost, check out the laws in your local city or town.

Make sure the laws in your city give you the green light, some cities prevent dumpster diving and you will either get a fine or spend a night in jail.

You don’t want that……..if you live in a city that does allow it. You can capitalize in free stuff from big companies.

I see guys on youtube, who go behind gaming stores, and from the looks of it these guys threw away a lot of great product, not because it is broken, but because it’s out of season.

You take all that free product, and make a profit by selling on ebay, amazon, or etsy.

(check out craigslist hunter on youtube when it comes to dumpster diving, he is an awesome smart guy when it comes to thrifting and dumpster diving to make a big profit)

How can you lose when your product cost you nothing?

Start a YouTube Page

but don’t half ass it. I wouldn’t advise using your video camera on your phone unless it is a fantastic camera. Same thing for your computer or laptop camera.

If you want a step up above the crowd, make sure you have an editing app or editors that can chop up your videos. You can find some cheap (good) editors on fiverr.

This is how you make money from you tube, you make money from enabling advertisement to pop up before or during your videos.

Record a lot of videos about something your passionate about and put your own style to it.

Check to see if others are speaking on the same topics you are, and take bits and pieces from them and take it to another level.Some people relate better seeing videos then reading words and those people if they can relate to you, will turn into your subscribers.

There is money out there, it’s not hidden from you, sometimes we can be lazy about it and not chase it.

Money is art, like my friend Mr. Warhol said. Mr. Warhol turned his passion into millions, so why can’t you turn some fun into income for your bank account. 

Later Wolves

p.s. Anything else I’m messing out on, let me know in the comment bellow and don’t forget to share this article to someone who needs it. 

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