8. I refuse to buy anything on Black Friday

Evening Pack, Its around the time, where people go nuts over black friday sales, black Friday this black friday that. Black Friday has been conning and scamming you for years. The commercials and the online ads begin to pick up around this time basically convincing everyone to come in and take advantage of the sales as if you can’t find decent prices around the year.

I refuse to buy on black friday

See, the large businesses are getting rid of inventory for next year. Black friday and Christmas shopping sales rack in billions because
your too chicken shit to tell family members your too broke to buy them anything for the holidays. That’s why you carry so much
depression around this time. People are too afraid to say the word “No” which is one of the easiest words to say in the English

This is how the giant blood sucking corporations game you on black friday. The months before black friday goes down, the companies will
mark up the prices to the max so by time it comes around you are stunned by how cheap and discounted the prices look on
the same item.

Also the funny thing about the discounted items that are advertised on television, newspaper, or online is that there won’t be enough stock for
every person who wants the item. For instance if you see a 30 inch television on sale for 100 dollars in the ad paper when you
make it to the store they will be sold out by time you make it there. The scheme from the store was to only have three or less of those
flat screens. When you find out they’re are gone, you will continue to shop in the store anyway.

What they have not told you is that everything else in the store is marked up. If you still didn’t get it, you’re the fish the
product is the worm, but the worm has an hook attached to it.

The real black Friday is January. Don’t go out shopping when the sheep are out shopping, the sheep don’t think. They do whatever the
T.V and media tell them to do. January is when things will be super cheap. So tell your friend or family member to wait after
Christmas and if they want a gift, if not then drop em.

See Christmas and Black Friday is the biggest con game in the history of America. You never make money around this time you constantly
waste it away on high price items in disguised of good deals and you feel like shit for it.

In the comments section let me know how you feel about Christmas and black friday. Do you feel like you wasted tons of money throughout
the years?

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man who eyes are open to the bull that’s been going on for years and feel he deserves more out of life.

The best way you can stop this madness is by never buying on Black Friday again. Your dollar can stop this madness I promise you and
it seems like it is already happening. Online sites have shown that last years black friday took a big hit in sales, lets continue by dropping
it even lower.

Later Pack.


5 Comments on 8. I refuse to buy anything on Black Friday

Darry said : Guest 2 years ago

Hey Jay, thanks for making awareness of Black Friday madness. I've seen many peoples becomes crazy to purchase various products on that day. I think they should have read this post to stop such madness.

L.J. said : administrator 2 years ago

It's funny Clasik a lot of people go out to Black Friday because they are told to. Whether they have the money or not they go because the media and television tell them so. The name of the game now is for people not to think for themselves and do what they are told from the higher ups. The higher ups do not want you to think, they treat you like dogs they want you to be OBEY. It's funny though you mention Christmas....Christ whole thing was give, give away your possessions yet Christmas is the total opposite. If a person really wants to be successful, just do the opposite of what society is doing.

Clasik Obas said : Guest 2 years ago

You know , I never really got the whole Black Friday thing. People sleeping outside of stores , fighting , etc. Just to buy things they normally wouldn't buy ( but will because it's ' Black Friday ' ). Also , isn't it supposed to be CHRISTmas. There is no mention of the CHRIST figure at all ; just buying and shopping.

L.J. said : administrator 2 years ago

Yes Winnie, if you look at the whole process its pointless. You're basically doing with the rich man wants you to do, end the year with you spending as much as possible so they can clear out the inventory for next year. Keep in mind the real Black Friday is in January. So hold out until then.

Winnie said : Guest 2 years ago

I'm not buying anything either thanks wolf man

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