What is More Important to your Life?

Things just haven’t turned out how you thought it would when you was child.You’re not in the right relationship, you’re not where you at career wise, and life is getting more stressful and overwhelming by the day.


There is a reality tv show that comes on A&E called “Hoarders” and the premise of the show is about people with compulsive hoarding disorder.

To put things in layman terms…the act of compulsive hoarding disorder is when you are unwilling or have the inability to throw things away.It’s to the point where people have large piles of trash or things in their living rooms, kitchens, bedroom, etc making it hard to maneuver in the house.

You even have some hoarders who hold on to certain foods to the point of rotting, and yet still don’t throw it out.

Another tv channel TLC has a show called “Buried Alive.”On this one particular show you have a lady from Oklahoma name Monte with Compulsive Buying Disorder.

“Some people eat themselves to death, I was shopping myself to death.”


Monty accumulated $500,000 worth of clothing within ten years, and her 4,000 square foot mansion was soon packed full of all the designer clothes she felt was needed


Compulsive buying Disorder is a shopping addiction that affects people who are unsure of themselves or valuing themselves and their opinions.

Psychologist April Lane Benson says, “Learning what they really need and finding a way to get that helps.”

It’s really awesome Mrs. April said this, because that’s what we are going to speak on today.And it wasn’t too late for Monte because she said it best, once the show helped her get rid of the things she didn’t need…..

“I can’t be mad at my friends for trying to help me…Your stuff can’t hug you back, it can’t throw its arms around you.”


Monte finally got it……

Even though she had to go through a lot of debt for it to kick in, she finally understood that material gain is pointless and only have short term satisfaction.

Once the short term has gone, you HAVE to go back to fulfill that desire.

We have turned into sheep in America and we are being lead by wolves who convince us that we need the bigger house, the car that comes from an expensive brand.

We have forgot the things that have long term satisfaction and replaced them with things that come with monthly notes and big receipts.How valuable is a day in the park with your family compared to a car with big tires and rims…..

The funny thing about cars and rims is when you’re driving you can’t see the outside of the car or the rims, so are you doing this for you or others?

How far does it go impressing other people or impressing your haters? How does life pay you when your goal is to look good to others?

Hierarchy of Needs

You have this guy named Abraham Harold Maslow born in 1908, a psychologist who came up with the Hierarchy of Needs.


It’s a pyramid and at the bottom is the basic needs of human beings, as it get higher it goes into psychological needs and at the very top self fulfillment needs. Food, water, shelter, sleep, crapping, pissing is what humans need to survive,  no where did it say we need a Louie Vutton bag or Michael Jordan sneakers.

To be the first for the new expensive iphone or galaxy……If you had the ultimate phone then why do they continue to make a new upgraded version?

The makers of these product understand marketing, they know humans are not satisfied with things, so they continue to upgrade and satisfy your short term desire.

Look at it as a form of them being your dealer, and they are supplying you with a short term high, until you come crawling back for a higher dose.

Everything material has an expiration date, it does not last forever.There are three guys who get it, in the real world these guys are fictional characters, but in my head they are very real.

These three guys understand how life works, and I will have quotes to prove it, out three guys are…..


Yoda from the star wars franchise is the master of all the jedi’s, as Anakin Skywalker says, the jedi are selfless, the put other people’s needs ahead of their own.

“Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose”


“In a dark place we find ourselves, and a little more knowledge lights our way.”

Master Splinter from the teenage mutant ninja turtle franchise a rat who happens to be an expert martial artist as well. He always keep his cool, even when angry. So wise to the point, that he has an intelligent answer for any and every situation.

“Tonight you have learned the final and greatest truth of the Ninja: that ultimate mastering comes not from the body, but from the mind.”

Gandalf is a wizard/istari from middle-earth lord of the rings trilogy.He is considered as the most wisest character in the book. If Gandalf didn’t save anyone then let’s just say everyone in the book would be killed off.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

“He that breaks a thing to find out what is it has left the path of wisdom.”

You know what all three of these characters have in common? They have lived a long time, they are not flashy, they do not care about wealth, and they have discovered the real things that are important in life.

Yet since they don’t consider what is valuable like the world does, they have more and are masters of their own life.When you have mastered the inside of you, material gains are pointless.

This makes you wonder, if people only purchase things because they need a boost in their self esteem?

But how can something outside of you, something that’s not in the inside of you, something that is not apart of your emotions add anything of value to you?

And it really is tough in America to focus on self, rather then the materials, because this country has turned into a consumerism country…..

What is Consumerism you may ask……

It is a concept of life which is based on materialistic needs of possessions, which in star solace terms is basically saying if you feel like you have to have it, you will do anything to get it in a strong economy…..

Such as credit cards, loans, and another else that will build up debt so you can look good to other people.

The root word for consumerism is consume which means to: buy good and or use up (a resource).


It won’t last, whatever you are buying. It won’t make you happy. Only God and yourself will stand the test of time.I been trying to find the author behind this quote, but I can’t seem to find him/her, and it pretty much sums up this entire article:

“Happiness is the new rich. Inner peace is the new success. Health is the new wealth. Kindness is the new cool.”

Ask yourself are celebrities happy, do athletes have inner peace, does rock stars have health, do drug kingpins have kindness? These people love materials and their riches, but Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu said it best…

“Care about what other people think and you will always be their prisoner.”

You want to know who to achieve this, getting away from material possessions and discovering the inner you.First off pray to the most high God, ask him to reveal your purpose.

Next get away from distractions for at least 20 min in the day….which means your going to turn off the television, music, computer, or anything that has your focus.


Take a walk in the park, take a walk down your block, ride a bike in your neighborhood or just sit in silence and let your mind wonder.

“Silence isn’t empty. It is full of answers.”

Ask yourself questions along the lines of, what do you want, how will your future look, how will you obtain happiness, peace, and joy.The answers you will receive are not hard, but your negativity that you have built up within years will trick you into thinking so.

Working on the inner you is just that, it takes work, but it’s worth more than a million dollars…..


You have tons of people, all over the earth who rather stay on the same destructive path then work on themselves….Because it’s…well…..too much work to them.

So ask yourself, what is truly important to you?

Without the opinion of others, without what you think will make you look….what deep down inside will truly bring happiness into your universe?

pics courtesy of A&E, simple psychology, star wars, tmnt, and lotr 

Later Wolves


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