5. Jordan sneakers: Consumers have been fooled

Wolf Pack!

What’s up?! From my teen years to my mid twenties I have been what you have considered to be a sneaker head. Lover of shoes, especially the old and the vintage. I won’t bash Jordan sneakers 100 percent for the simple fact that when Nike first released these shoes, they were of excellent quality and the color ways only pertained to what Michael Jordan wore with the bulls.


As I grew older, I started to see that for one, collecting shoes is a waste being that I can’t wear all the shoes and that I really only wore one or two during the entire year. So I sold my entire collection and realized that simple shoes that went with every attire was more up my alley. As I am older and have a new simple (and way less expensive and cost saving) mind frame, I started to truly see how nike has been fooling and making idiots of the new Jordan retro masses.

1.The Quality of Retro Jordans are horrific. I had a few Jordan retros near the end of my sneaker head buffoonery. If you compare any Jordan retro to its older counterpart you will realize that these shoes will not last long. The material is very cheaply made, even newly cheaper made nikes that are not in the Jordan line stand the test of time more then the Jordan retros. Nike realized that people are buying the name of the shoe so it made them greedy, by not spending time on the quality, they could make more profit by selling the masses cheap made shoes with a even more expensive price then the old line. Could you imagine that type of profit? It has to be in the hundred millions if not billions. I will put it like this, some pay-less store shoes can stand the test of time compared to the Jordan retros.

2. The Color ways of the Retros are not Chicago bull colors. As I said in the past, Jordan stuck with the bulls color way which was red, white, and black but some where in nike minds they thought to add some pink, neon green, and other bull crap colors for profit. This has ruined the brand in my opinion. I might sound like an old geezer, but the new generation don’t realize or care about the color way , they are going by what celebs they seen wear them on tv, most if not all of the new generation have never seen Michael Jordan play. So this madness will continue to carry on until people wake up, and as of now it looks like the masses have been in a coma for years and for years to come.

3. The Robbing and Killing over these sneakers. People have been robbed and lost their lives over these shoes. Some damn shoes? It is a sad thing. Some shoes that won’t even make an entire year before it starts cracking and the toe will have creases by the end of the first month. We have been caught up in all this vanity and of television to the point that this society has lost their minds. The powers that be are laughing at you all, laughing at how idiotic we are to stand in long lines for days for materials, for shoes that will get dirty because they are on your FEET! Just to be the first guy with the shoes on. I wonder how many insecure people are standing in those lines.

We have heard the expression the clothes don’t make the man. If that holds true and you believe that then stop contributing to this madness till the proper changes (and yes nike has a lot of work to do with this line) are made.


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L.j. Upshaw said : Guest 3 years ago

Bro I been there too, I was caught up in the hype. I woke up though.

Brick said : Guest 3 years ago

And to think I stood outside all night for the retro Jordan 11 "Breds" in 2013. My last $200.00 ; freg emptying I was killing boyz the next day lol

L.j. Upshaw said : Guest 3 years ago

Same shoes every year, made out of cheap materials. Make big profit off the name and people still buying, sad sight. Maybe people will wake up one day.

Brick said : Guest 3 years ago

Waste of money, same shoe every other year

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