Just Shut up and accept your Power


Right now, as you’re reading this….something is making noise in your ear.

Whether it is up close or far away, whether it is a distraction or not, sound is constantly apart of your life and mine.

Think back today, or through the week where you spent more then a few minutes within silence.

I can guarantee that time you spent in it was not long.

Did you know that there is power within silence? Did you know that it work wonders for the brain?

What if I told you that ideas you never would have received with noise, present themselves to you in silence.

Why do you think mediation is the hot thing right now, the art behind “quieting your mind?”


mediation is not the topic of today…..this will be a simple lifestyle change of turning off the music, television, cellphone, or anything else that cause distraction and noise.

You will focus on the inner you, focus on your life goals, find that inspiration and success that has been right under your nose the entire time through pure silence.

I bet you didn’t know the brain has a…..

Default Mode Network

When the default mode network of the brain is turned on we engage in what scientist call the “self-generated cognition”.

What this means, is the time spent daydreaming, envisioning your future life, fantasying etc.

When you enter this mode through silence, you tap into your creativity, your brain begins to make since of the puzzles that go on in your daily life. You go into deep thought.

Whether it deciphering your relationships, your career, or emotions. You “crack the code” with things going on in your personal life.

And trust me, for you moms out there, I know it is tough, but trust me you have a ton of time in the day to receive some “me time.”

I find myself, on stressful days, going in my room and making sure it is pitch black and not think a single thought at all.

Stress makes the mind race, sometimes it is best not to think at all and when I return back to the noise world, I feel more refresh, or I get a strike of inspiration from quieting my mind.

Scientist also say that by getting things quiet, your brain regenerate brain cells.

This makes me excited, I feel like I have two brain cells left anyway, I can use some regeneration lol.  

The Journal Brain published an 2013 study on mice, which tested different noise compared to silence on the rodent brain.

The scientist discovered that 2 hours of silence daily led to the regrowing of new cells in the hippo-campus (the part of the brain that has to do with learning, emotion, and memory).


2 hours can be a little extreme….try 10….maybe 15 minutes of peace and quiet.

Remember that term we use to hear from older people, if I can just get some “peace and quiet.”

Maybe they knew the science behind this before their was science to it, and now you have that same knowledge.




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2 Comments on Just Shut up and accept your Power

Fatal Jay said : administrator 5 months ago

and it's amazing, especially with how much noise we deal with during the day

MomJonz said : Guest 5 months ago

I believe in a moment of silence every day!!!! It is good for the mind.

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