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21 Motivational Quotes for Success from Tony Stark the Iron Man

Tony Stark Success Quotes to keep you Motivated

When I was a kid, I could remember going into this local convenience store where they still sold the vintage coca cola glass bottles that needed a bottle opener to pop the cap off.While exploring the store, I notice a … Continue reading


3 Life Tactics I learned from the Punisher

You will learn some cool things watching Netflix Punisher!!!

I am a picky person, I am also a practicing minimalist…..If it’s pointless to me I won’t buy it, and if it is not worth watching, I don’t waste my time.When I do buy something, I’m going to use it … Continue reading


The Results of Getting Something from Nothing (lottery curse)

the results of getting something from nothing the lottery curse star solace

Have you ever asked the question, why success doesn’t come easy? Maybe there are people out there who have the blueprint or the cheat code that cuts through the bull, and grants you access to the fame and fortune that’s … Continue reading


40+ Quotes about Life from Amazing People

quotes about Life that will burn through your core and make you better!

You learn a lot just by listening……..when you always have something to say and don’t analyze you go around in circles in life. Words are powerful, there is life and death in the tongue. People can build you up or … Continue reading


Just Shut up and accept your Power

Silence can produce million dollar ideas and peace

SILENCE Right now, as you’re reading this….something is making noise in your ear. Whether it is up close or far away, whether it is a distraction or not, sound is constantly apart of your life and mine. Think back today, … Continue reading


Motivational Quotes by Serena Williams

motivational quotes by serena williams

  Compton California a place where the weak is eaten everyday, but from this place two roses grew out of the concrete. One of these ladies that grew from the concrete begin to play the game of tennis at the … Continue reading


The American Dream?

the american dream, lifestyle, ideas, tips

  The American Dream? You are born and raised in America, so I’m pretty sure you have heard this term, even foreigners have heard this phrase, this is why the battle is so intense when it comes to crossing that … Continue reading


13 Inspirational Movie Quotes

movies, movie, inspiration, quotes

                 I haven’t done a movie review in awhile….because I been hella busy like you should!!!… but as you know, when I watch a movie I’m not only in it for the entertainment … Continue reading

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