4. Movies you can learn a thing or two from: American Gangster


Now I don’t condone the selling of drugs or murdering people, but I tend to watch movies that can show me a thing or two about creating your own enterprise. A lot of these movies have a lot of hidden gems you can pick up in the real world. The thing about this movie is, it is based off the real life events of known Harlem drug kingpin Frank Lucas. I will dissect a few things Frank Lucas did to set himself apart from the rest.




1. Having a Mentor

It was known that before Frank Lucas had his own empire, he was under the mentorship of another known Harlem kingpin name Bumpy Johnson. Bumpy had ran Harlem for years until he died of an heart attack in 1968.

Every person before they get their foot wet in their goals, should have mentorship and surround themselves around people who are really taking action and not just talking about it. You should take the time to learn your craft and full your brain with the acquired knowledge before you set out on your on and that’s exactly what Lucas did, he was Bumpy Johnson driver so he stayed close to the man daily and took note of all he did before he passed away.

2. Cutting out the Middle Man

After Johnson past away, Frank notice the flaws in Johnson armor. Johnson was still under the Italian mob and answered only to them. To Frank that still meant that Johnson wasn’t a real boss.

Frank came up with the idea to fly to Thailand , he linked up with his cousin who was in the army at the time over there who connected him to the direct link to the distributers to the heroin.

On the path of our goals, dreams, and businesses you must cut out the middle man. We live in the digital age where you can pretty much find good deals to get your product out there, the internet is full of people who are selling the same product but at a different price, a lot of the product being high quality at a cheap price. You just have to have the balls to get up and search for it like Frank did, and Frank lived in a time when internet did not even exist.

Another thing you can take away from this is Frank linked up with his cousin. You have to link up with like minded people to get the ball rolling, you can not surround yourself around people who are living in the same circle, with expectations on winning the lottery one day instead of working for it.

3. Having the best Product

Frank had the purest heroin on the street. It was pure and uncut (dope dealers usually cut the dope with other ingredients to increase the amount to make more profit). The secret to his success was this, he had the best and sold it at the cheaper price then the competition. Frank became a millionaire in no time.

You have to be the best, you have to have the best product, but at the same time you have to give. You might believe that having the best product mean you should sell it at the highest price, no, some times it doesn’t work that way. Most of the  time you make more when you sell less. Let that sit in your brain for awhile.


This movie is a classic in my eyes, again I’m not condoning the selling of drugs but from a business aspect this is one of the best movies to analyze. Frank shows leadership qualities, he teaches his family that the loudest in the room is the weakest which means being flashy can be your down fall. Also the movie shows that working among family ninety percent of the time just doesn’t mix, to many emotions get involved. Check this movie out to rent or buy, it came out in 2007 so the price of the dvd should be fairly cheap now.




2 Comments on 4. Movies you can learn a thing or two from: American Gangster

L.j. Upshaw said : Guest 3 years ago

This movie is a classic. Frank Lucas made so much money that the Italian mob was buying from him which was unheard of back then. It's a lot of jewels you can pick up from that movie. Thanks for the comment Breeze

Breeze said : Guest 3 years ago

This movie has been on my to-watch list ever since it came out but I never got the chance to watch it. I guess I will finally watch it this weekend, thanks for the recommendation bro! ;) Oh and I 100% agree that alot of times you make more money when you sell for a lower price.

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