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Porn HATES You!

Porn destroys, hear is the list of reasons why to stop watching before it takes your LIFE!

In 2016 you had 23 billion people visit the infamous porn website called Pornhub. That’s 729 people a second or 64 million people a day which is the same size as the population of the people in the United Kingdom. … Continue reading


The Legends Had One Thing In Common

         I haven’t spoke on it in the while, and people have sent me e-mails about speaking on it again. So I figured I will bring up an old topic in a new way….. we should look at this though the … Continue reading


2 Natural Pills that Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Viagra, Cialis, these things are man made with numerous side affects attached to them. Is it really worth the erection when a heart attack is potentially attach to it? How often do you hear about side effects with natural products? … Continue reading


Tame Your Sex Drive Before It Tames You!

Hello Wolf Pack, Going back thousand of years, in the past, mankind has been driven by the act to create. Cavemen, on the most basic of levels, clubbed women across the head. The Egyptians, on the other hand, used the … Continue reading


The Feeling of Wholeness

Back with another installment Wolf Pack, I’m very excited to let you guys know that I have a very very awesome surprise for you guys coming next month. This thing is big and life changing. You will see it as … Continue reading


No Fap, Signs Your on the Right Path

Hello pack, we’re fresh into the new year. I hope that your participating in the no fap January movement. You may think that this is the toughest thing you ever experienced in your life and yes it is but I … Continue reading


No masturbation: Count the weeks not days

Hello Pack, hope all is well. For myself my favorite nfl team got slaughtered yesterday I am wishing for Dez Bryant and Tony Romo a speedy recovery lol. On to the topic at hand folks, I been getting emails about … Continue reading


Everyday you are gaining more power!

Hello Pack, You know the no fap (no masturbation) game can be a rough one. I know in the beginning it sounds like a good idea. Sort of like when lazy people tell themselves in the beginning of the new … Continue reading