From the words of Adrien Brody

My dad told me, it takes fifteen years to be an overnight success’, and it took me seventeen and a half years.”

New York Best-Seller Author Tom Clancy says

An overnight success is ten years in the making.”

Famous street magician Criss Angel would like to chim in as well

I worked 18 years to become an overnight success”

So my question to you to the readers, believers, and wolf pack….Is there a such thing as a get rich fast tactic or overnight success?

We live in the social media digital age, where we see videos, and artist go viral and I would like to ask you something, how long do those artist and viral videos last before the masses jump onto the next thing?

Yet when it come to the big fellas (the big companies), which all we have to do is look at their logo’s and symbols to know who they are… long have these companies stood against the test of time?

Some of these companies where made before your birth, and some will last when we take our dirt naps.

Here is a few reasons why there is no such thing as overnight success….

Is overnight success possible? It takes time to be notice

Newcomers and people without patients who are looking for success in their business, craft, or career usually have one thing in common…

they believe that when “they” enter the field things will become different and they will be the one who become successful without little work and within a short amount of……


Time vs. Overnight Success, and time wins overtime. See what the newbies don’t understand it takes time to perfect their craft, it takes even more time to build their brand.


Let me break down building a brand to its most simple form. You have cattle, everyone has cattle, there are a thousand people in your town who own cattle.

You want your cattle to stand out among the other cattle in town so you came up with the idea to cattle brand all your cows with smiley faces.

You tell everyone in town everyday for years, that your cows (with the smiley face) produce the best milk, have the best meat to eat, and produce more calf’s then everyone in town.

Now your friend joe, may have better cows then your smiley face cows, but if you tell everyone that your smiley face cows are better, they will believe it because you built the brand (which took time) and showed your audience why they should buy your cows over the others.

That in a nutshell is brand building, so……

Ask yourself this question……

Why would someone buy anything from you, when your a stranger on the scene. You may have the best product or skill in the world……

but would you give away your hard earned money to a total stranger with no track record?

Of course not.

News travel slowly, look up how many years McDonald, Wal-mart, or any other mega company been in the game. It took time for them to become powerhouses.

So you heard it from the celebs mouth, you seen what it takes, all you need is the drive and the patience. Time flies, never rush. You will conquer soon enough my friends


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2 Comments on Is OVERNIGHT SUCCESS Possible?

Fatal Jay said : administrator 7 months ago

failure is the the opposite of success, failure is apart of success....momJonz they will come back, hard work never goes unrewarded

MomJonz said : Guest 7 months ago

I believe in slow and steady. There was a time my views on my site were amazing, but that was from nonorganic readers. My true audience stuck around, but I felt bummed cause where did everyone go? Since then, I've learned patience to get myself out there.

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