eBook : Doing the Complete Opposite: Reversing your Lifestyle




You guys pretty much know, that if I write an eBook, it’s going to have SOLUTIONS and ANSWERS. No long, and drawn out information. No teasing you with one chapter with good points, and the rest of the book being filler.

Not only that, but if I create an eBook, it’s not going to be your ordinary book. It will be filled with artwork by graphic comic artist; Soichirin and it will be filled with links that you can click, that will direct you to the source.

Blood, sweat, and gears was put into this book. I wouldn’t have created it if I didn’t put my all into it. Every ounce of effort went into every page. Each page was written with,INSPIRATION, to provide answers and solutions to those out there that feel they have no directions or no idea of what steps to take in life.

Only 5 dollars. Five dollars in America will not get you high quality art, 5 dollars might get you a great tasting hamburger that will be gone when your body digest it.

When you purchase “Doing the Complete Opposite,” you will be purchasing a book that is my masterpiece, my artwork, that will not only be there to read again, but overall will inspire you, and if taken seriously will increase your wallets. I show you how to make money with little to no money at all.

Each page, is packed with pure passion. Make the first step in changing yourself. Make the purchase below and prepare to TAKE FLIGHT.


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