Productivity: 8 ways to create the desire, focus, and drive for your life

increased productivity

To increase productivity, all it takes is to analyze your routine or look at the routines of people around you. 

But wait….what is productivity?

In laymen terms, the art of getting shit done.

Why is it so hard getting things done when you have those who literally leak success out of their pores, what do you notice about these people?

They are always in action and moving forward.

How do you get things done, when there is so much bullshit weighing you down in life such as; bills, stress, relationships, jobs, etc….

It begins with a desire, after that the drive, then you must remain focus.

Some people have the desire of making more money, it what makes the one percent very productive, and makes them want to increase productivity to get even more money.

You’re asking; “How can I do this,” I’m glad you ask grasshopper. I’m L.J. Your Sensei.

Get ready for your lessons in the Productivity karate Dojo. When I’m done with you, you will have a routine that will have you kicking butt and taking names to the top.

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1. The Clean Up

Laziness is the opposite of productivity, which mean if you are lazy in the mind, then your life is cluttered and messy which also shows in your living space and work area.

Laziness acquires nothing except that which no one else wants.

Clean your room and house up, clean out your car and wash your car. If your home and work area is a mess you will never get things done.

Seriously, test me out on this…there are people out there you know who have messy cars, rooms, and houses. Ask yourself are these people productive, do they keep a schedule, or are their lives all over the place?

If your surroundings are a mess, you can’t possibly be ready to get your life in order and productive

2. Sleep Early Wake Up Early

wake up early

How good does it feel to wake up from a good night rest, when you wake up from it you have the entire day ahead of you.

When you only had a few hours of sleep, you feel like complete shit.

Studies after studies have shown that bad sleeping problems link to heart attacks, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.

Waking up late is actually a bummer, because it makes the day go by fast, which is the reason you hear a lot of people say I don’t have a lot of time in the day.

They actually do, it’s called waking up early.

5 a.m. Is a hard hour to wake up to, and yet it’s the winner hour, check out these quotes:

5:00 am; the hour when legends are either waking up, or going to bed.”

The 5 am club, your most valuable hours are 5am-8am. They have the least interruptions.”

One day these 5 am’s will make you a legend.”

There are two ways you can start waking up early, especially on the legend hour.

You can either go to bed at your regular late hour and set the alarm clark at 5 a.m. (this is the brutal way)


you can take some nightime liquid or pills (not the strong stuff) and take it an hour and a half before you go to sleep.

So if you want to go to go to bed at 9 at night, then you take the pills or liquid at 7:30.

Eventually your body will get into the routine, and you will….


more time in your day to get things done.

3. Conquer the World with Breakfast!

Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day? Well according to studies it basically depends on age.

For children it has benefits of cognitive performance in school, as for older people it basically boils down to personal preference. You have those who don’t crave anything once they wake up and others who get the dreaded stomach noises, which means their stomachs is politely asking them to feed them NOW! Lol

You can also use breakfast to your advantage to increase your productivity. I suggest having a great big tasty cup of Joe…….COFFEE!!!

I never tried coffee until last year, I was making extra money on the side during the summer, and I had a restless night.

I came on the job feeling groggy, one of my co-workers suggest to make make a cup of coffee….I thought why not

and all I have to say is……………..OMG……..I felt freaking…


once I finished the cup, and ever since then I have been on a quest to find the best coffee to drink, and luckily for you, I have found it Red Coffee!

red coffee the best coffee

when you open the bag, the fresh smell rubs you in the face, the taste is even better, not bitter….just right, a very nice smooth.

Red coffee is an organic coffee….free of all that artificial crap that hurts you in the long run.

How does coffee help to increase productivity?

Backed up by study, coffee helps to burn fat, loaded with anti-oxidants (slows the aging process and prevent DNA/cells from being damaged), and coffee makes you smarter.

Yep, smarter….coffee/caffeine speed up the rate at which neurons fire.

If you want the advantage to conquer your life and day in the morning do yourself a favor and drink coffee, your body deserves to best so don’t just drink any coffee, but drink Red coffee. To get Red Coffee Click Here.

4. Stop Playing Video Games and Watching Porn

The latest video games are nothing like the games in the 80’s and 90’s. At the most back then, you would have the chance to put your name on the high score screen.

But current games have achievements (trophies, badges, awards) every time you beat a certain challenge or go to the next level.

This tricks your brain just like porn does the brain begins to believe in the fantasy world over reality.

You spend more time in this fantasy world (porn and video games) to constantly get that short-term high, while in the real world you feel like an underachiever.Porn and video games are a big time waster, you should be winning trophies, badges, and awards in real life.

Eliminate these two if you want to increase productivity and redirect your focus to things that will boost your life.

5. Fill your head with Inspiration

Every day you should have the drive to have the most awesome day ever. How can this be accomplished if nothing is motivating you, or giving you inspiration?

Motivation quotes, inspiration quotes, or How to you tube videos will slowly get you into the mode of getting things done.

Sad to say but you don’t get much encouragement from family, friends, or co-workers. It seems everyone is in this foggy zombie mode where people are just trying to get by.

Get away from these people, they are in the pit and…


The negative creeps inside their head naturally, they love it and don’t know how to live life without it, but you are different.

Fill your head with positive thinking…..turn off the news…the news is a constant buzzkill fest of sadness, terror, and having two different opinions going at each other.

Television only purpose is not to add value to your life but to rise up emotions to get you do something, and most of the time that something is something that will hurt you in the long run.

6. Use the Timer Tab

You remember when you were a kid, and the teacher uses to turn that old cooker timer, and she told you to hurry your butt up and clean the room before the timer runs out.

What did you do? Exactly… when into overdrive before their bell rung on the timer.

If you are a procrastinator, then you usually are the one that pushes things to the last minute to start working o them…

and that is the reason why the Timer Tab is one of the productivity tools you will need. It so simple that a damn caveman could do it.

All you have to do is click on the hour section on the far left, sit the minutes, and click the countdown button.

When the timer runs out, guess what? Your down and you will be that much closer to your desire.

The timer tab is the right pick for you if you…..

  • Want multi-functions without the noise

  • Juggle between tasks

  • Use timers and alarms

  • Track open-ended projects with a stopwatch

Very easy to use tool, take advantage my friends.

7. Read the 4 – Hour Work Week

Tim Ferriss is awesome. This book is called the four hour work week for a reason. This is hands down the best source material on productivity. I mean this guy even explains how to be productive by not reading your e-mails in the morning.

Which is something we are all guilty of, including myself, and when you think about it, its true….reading e-mails does slow us down. It’s almost like wasting time by putting on a season of your favorite tv show.

One of his quotes that I love from this book is.

Focus on being Productive, not Busy”

which means being busy does not mean you get things down. Being Productive means your putting a lasso rope over your desire and pulling it a little closer day by day.

Some cool things I learned from the four hour work week

1. Get your most important task done before 11 am.

Once you have taken your lunch break you are pretty much done for the rest of the day, the food slows you down and make you sleepy.

Make a list of your most important task, and knock them out by 11 am so you will have the rest of the day to work on the small task that doesn’t take much time to accomplish.

Which brings me to number 2…

2. Automate the small task.

Remember I mention the small task, Tim Ferriss suggest you use virtual assistants, freelancers, or software programs to help you get the minor tedious task done that you don’t need to do yourself. has freelancers and virtual assistants that will help you with these needs, most of them start at the low price of $5.00.

Yes…and the site is legit, I use it often for graphic work that need to be done for the site……guess the four hour work week is rubbing off on me. 😉

3. The 80/20 rule.

This is the rule that states you get 80% done by doing 20% of the work you do. Look at the work that takes up most of your time and focus on those first.

This book is in my top 5 books of all time…do yourself a huge favor and get this book today, Click Here.

8. Find a Mastermind Group

Napoleon Hill says a mastermind is the harmonious coordination of two or more minds working to a definite end.

This is a power that few people seem to use, being a lone wolf is cool but you gain more by allying yourself with others and more superior minds.

In Outwitting the Devil, it is said that great leaders surrounded themselves with masterminds (powerful thinkers or people who have the same desire as themselves).

These leaders conquered their inner demons, and then use the mastermind group to boost their successes. The old saying is very true and will keep you productive….”two heads are better than one.”

Your teammate will throw you some ideas that you never thought about, or even some you forgot.

Join forces and create your team and transform yourself into the MASTERMINDS.

If you want to delve deeper into the mastermind science, then make sure you read Outwitting the Devil, its one of the most powerful books I ever read about success, money, relationships, sex, inner power, and life in general.

I have read it over 5 times and will read it again. If your interested, and you should be, then CLICK HERE.




If you are on this site, and reading this article, I believe you will turn things around, and move forward toward whatever you been chasing.

You have been chasing for a long time, but now you owe to yourself, and it is a command from me, to drop what you’re doing, and start working on yourself.

Thanks for participating in the Productivity: 8 ways to create desire, focus, and drive for your life dojo.

Now the students have turned into the Masters.



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