3 Life Tactics I learned from the Punisher

I am a picky person, I am also a practicing minimalist…..If it’s pointless to me I won’t buy it, and if it is not worth watching, I don’t waste my time.When I do buy something, I’m going to use it over and over again until it wears or breaks down.

If I do watch something it has to be highly entertaining or brings value to my life.

When I do finally find a television show worth watching, it may take me a month or two to finish the entire season(what can I say I’m building an empire on my off time and work days).

I have Netflix, and Netflix is usually hit or miss if it is something in between hit or miss I will never watch it.But I must say that Netflix has been dishing out some pretty good Marvel titles.

They first came out with Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders (all 4 Marvel titles I just mentioned crossed over)

My ranking of these shows are:


2.Luke Cage

3.Jessica Jones

4.The Defenders

5.Iron Fist

Yes, Iron Fist is dead last, because it sucked. It is based off a kung-fu superhero, and the fight scenes were horrible. Each episode was worst then the last.

Now with that out the way, Marvel came out with a recent title the “Punisher.”

Frank Castle aka the Punisher already appeared in the second season of Daredevil (Marvel does this a lot with their films and tv shows, they introduce you to a character in another show, so you will be familiar with them once they have their own title).

If you’re not familiar with the Punisher, picture Batman, but way darker, no gadgets, just guns, bigger guns, and a lot of violence.

Even though I like superhero films, it was refreshing to get a Marvel title without people with super strength, flight, or any other powers.

Frank Castle is a big-time Bad @$$.

I can not tell you how many people he beat to a pulp, or how many bullets he took to the body, and even while facing death he still moved forward to fulfill his mission (purpose).

I never condone revenge, but revenge is what Frank Castle use as his drive and motivation.

The Punisher taught me some awesome lessons, even though Frank had the drive, he didn’t do things alone, and he also planned things out, he even had a plan when he was in some near-death situations.

Will the post below have spoilers…


But, you should already have seen the season twice already by now, I’m the slow poke here remember?

So let’s see what Frank did in some episodes that you can use too…..and trust me if you have seen the show, you will know that Frank lost everything…….so whats your excuse?

You will learn some cool things watching Netflix Punisher!!!

Frank Lost it All and Still Helped Others

(Episode 1 – 3 AM)

Episode 1 begins where Frank left off. He finishes off the surviving gangsters who butchered his wife and kids.

Frank keeps himself out of site by changing his name to Pete Castiglione and works at a New York construction site.

One day on the job Frank’s co-workers convinces a new employee by the name of Donny to help them rob a loan shark who is connected to a mob family called the Gnuccis.

The mask robbery goes wrong, and Donny drops his wallet and the Gnuccis see his driver license.Frank co-workers are scared crap less and decide to kill Donny before the mob family realizes who they are.

The co-workers take Donny to the construction site and dump him in a cement truck.

Luckily Frank was there at the site as well, he saves Donny, and kills……and if you have seen the episode I do mean kill in a brutal way….kills the co-workers who were trying to kill Donny.

Frank also take cares of the loan shark and his Mob buddies.Frank Mission is accomplished, he doesn’t owe a thing to anyone yet he felt implied to help Donny.

People have missed this secret, and only the 1 percent get it. If you want success, if you want riches and wealth….the number one thing you must do is


if you’re taking instead of giving, things will be taken from you.

Death Approaching made Frank Think Fast

(Episode 5: Gunner)

Frank and his partner David Lieberman aka Micro are on a search for Frank old squad mate Gunner Henderson.

Henderson knows a lot of conspiracies that are growing in the punisher world between episode 1 up to this point.

A lot of people think Frank dead, but a few government officials have suspension he is still alive.

If Frank is still alive, he could get a lot of top guys in government in a ton of trouble.

Gunner Henderson leaves in a very secluded spot in rural Kentucky. He tells Frank about a CIA director William Rawlins (one of two main villains of the show) smuggled Heroin into the corpses of KIA’s (killed in action).

The two men are then ambushed by a team of mercenaries working for Rawlins.

Rawlins wants Henderson dead before Department of Home Security can find him and ask him questions that could destroy Rawlins.

Episode 5 is probably my favorite episode when it comes to action. You see two men face many, not just using their brute strength, but using their minds.

Using the forest as camouflage, as a weapon, to enforce strategy to keep them alive.There were so many mercenaries, with heavy artillery, that Frank and Henderson just were not ready for it.

If it wasn’t for Micro sending a drone, to let them know where each mercenary was throughout the Woods, Frank would have died…..Henderson was so lucky.

You have been blessed with something that other life on earth doesn’t have, which is the power of thought.Other life forms on earth are moving based on instincts, but you have the power to go against instinct, try different routes, go against the crowd.

You have people in power who bet on you not to think, people who think and ask questions scare these people in power.

Thinkers who come to together and make plans (the mastermind) are guaranteed every time to find success.This is what you have when it comes to Frank aka the Punisher, and Lieberman aka Micro.

Frank Castle the Punisher is Relentless

(Episode 13: Memento Mori)

If you made it to the last episode of the series, you will begin to think is it humanly possible for a man to get shot and stabbed so much and still survive?

Well, it seems like every other episode Frank is taking tons of bullets and dancing with death often.

In this episode is the face-off between Frank and Billy Russo, who is the other main villain in the show.

It is revealed that Frank and Russo were squad mates and pretty much best friends.

Throughout the series Russo was not sure that Frank was alive, Russo and Rawlins were doing some pretty messed up things and were not expecting someone like Frank to be around to tell the world what they were doing.

Castle gives Russo the chance to pick a place where they can have a man to man battle of the ages.

Russo who is another soldier like Frank picks the carousel where Frank family were shot down……

I hate to say it but Russo was a thinker as well……

He took hostages and wounded them on the horse carousel to gain a tactical advantage, against Frank.

But despite it all, Frank overpowers Russo and brutally punches his face repeatedly against the ground, and drags his face along a broken carousel mirror.

Let’s just say Russo looks like a different person after that fight.Russo was the last person on Frank list, from the beginning of the show to the last episode was a long, horrible climb for Frank.

And yet he never gave up.





When you don’t give up, something is bound to happen. It has never been a time when someone constantly worked hard, despite the task and how long it took, that something never happened.

If you are not agreeing with me, then you didn’t work harder or work longer at it.

Time should be used as an advantage because it’s short and since life is short it won’t take long at being successful.

Don’t waste time doing things you don’t want to do, use time to your advantage to get closer to your goal like Frank did.

If something is really worth it to you, it will always take hard work.

Frank Castle was willing to die for his mission his goal, what about you?


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I am the guy who wrote this article, I’m also the guy behind the madness of Star Solace, thanks for reading =)

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