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Hello guys, here for you are my top resources for products that will inspire you to take your life to where you want it to be.

All of these products below are used by me personally, and the thing about it…..I am super picky when it comes to things I use, if it brings no value to my life, I’m not using it.

I have been through a countless amount of motivational and self-help books and most of them have left me feeling scammed.

That’s why I take pride in products that work, and I want to share them with my friends, which is YOU, I think you will find this page helpful in taking your life to a level you never thought was possible!

****I Do make a small commission off some of the affiliate products below, but at no cost to you.


Napoleon Hill – Outwitting The Devil

If you wanted to know the secret to life in book form, this book will show you the way, Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the devil is the book. The power of this book was so huge that after Napoleon Hill death, his wife refused to release his work.

It was released 70 years after Napoleon Hill death. This book not only teaches you how to achieve success and freedom, but it breaks down how things work and don’t work against you in the unseen/spiritual world. To purchase CLICK HERE

Gary Wilson – Your Brain on Porn

 Gary Wilson started a huge movement for women and men.

More so men, he made it known that guys did not need Viagra or Cialis to cure their erectile dysfunction, no, all you need to do to cure erectile dysfunction and your sex life back to your youth is to eliminate porn completely. Gary is the father of the No Fap (no masturbation) movement.

This book shows you through studies why porn ruins your life, and once you defeat your addiction to it, the world, your body, and future careers will thank you. To purchase CLICK HERE

Victor Pride – New World Ronin

I have to give props where props are due. Victor Pride is the inspiration behind Star Solace, he is a unique blogger and he is ahead of the game. He is a very valid guy with a talent for writing.

This book New World Ronin is different and different is good in a world fool of copycats. Take your time with reading this book, and analyze it all. It’s some hardcore truths in it, and it’s not for everyone.

This book will put a mirror up to your face and let you know that everything is pointless unless you do it. It’s not your parents, spouse, or friends fault, if you want to make it then every day you must “Move Forward”. To purchase CLICK HERE

Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich

This book has created millionaires. If you want wealth, then you have to read this book above any other.

This book is the highest selling self-help book of all time and for good reason. I read this book when I was in high school, and now at 31, I’m still finding out new and awesome things I missed.

Napoleon Hill even says this throughout the book. If you do everything, and I do mean everything this book says you will be successful, no doubt in my mind.

Napoleon did years of research following behind CEO’s and the wealthy men of his time to give you a blueprint book full of patterns he learned that they all had in common, do yourself a huge favor and purchase this book. To purchase CLICK HERE

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