Self Control


Self Control –

the ability to control oneself, in particular one’s emotions and desires or the expression of them in one’s behavior, especially in difficult situations.

Now that you know the definition of self control, ask yourself do you have it. Look around … many people have self control over their eating habits, spending habits, emotions, sex.

Why is it so difficult to get CONTROL over things…. Everyday things don’t quite go your way, everyday you tell yourself you will change, and nothing happens. Here is how you can change all of this with one word…..


in 2009 sports illustrated did a study of former NFL and NBA players. After 2 years…….just 2 years of retirement you had %78 percent NFL players who where broke or struggling.

In just 5 years you had %60 percent NBA players who were broke as well. You have %70 percent of lottery winners who go back to nothing as well.

All three of those percent numbers are over a half percent and it goes back to not having self control or not having discipline.

Without self control, you can lose it all. Without self control you get results of depression and selfishness (addiction to gambling for instance).

There are many advantages of self control, but here are the two that stood out to me

1.Likely to get Rich

A study in New Zealand followed 1,000 students in 30 years. Those who had high level of self control acquired high income jobs and lower level of addiction. 30% with poor discipline landed low income jobs.

2.Your chance of Success increases

Research in Duckworth Lab of University of Pennsylvania showed a self control study between training and pure talent. The people who trained overtime beat out those who relied on just talent during a physical sports fitness trial over the summer.

Looks like hardwork, discipline, and self control unlock the door of success, so how does one achieve self control?

Notice what you need to work on, then get to work with ACTION.

1.Stay away or block anything that stands in your way of self control

2.Read and research ways to improve yourself, people around the world are going through the same thing your going through trust me

3.Do the opposite of what you been doing. Try some new, instead of going through the same routine….it can even be something small like smiling more, going up to a stranger and sparking up a friendly conversation

4.Go on the Star Solace one week challenge

5.Turn off everything and tune the world out, focus on your inner self and ask yourself what you really want, ask yourself when you will do it, and to my religious people call on the most high, and speak with him like he was right in front of you.

6.Get active, when your body is moving, your brain is moving, and when your brain is moving you begin to get inspired. Sitting around for to long causes depression and laziness.

And if you still stuck, and feel like after reading this nothing will happen, then check out this ebook, written by your’s truly. Click on the image or click here to take life to the next level!.


Later Wolves!


Let me know in the comments below what areas need to be worked on your life when it comes to self control, and share this article





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