7. Slow Money vs. Fast Money

Happy New Year 2015 Wolf Pack,

I promise to go all out for you guys if you promise to go hard for me in taking control of you life and becoming your own business owners and getting out of the slave trade we call jobs. Anyone can get a job but not everyone can be a business owner or ceo. It takes an elite person to make the sacrifices, hard work, and determination to take those steps. It mainly starts with your inside, it takes knowing your self worth and most of all taking action. On the way of this journey you should know the difference between slow money and fast money.

slow money vs. fast money


In the beginning every one on the path of making millions and billions start off making slow money (notice I said on the path of making millions not with a job, you will never become rich with a job).  The money is slow because for one you are taking a dive into an area that your not familiar with, you also have expenses with the items you are purchasing, advertising and other things that will set your business off the ground. If you are very focus during that first year of business, once you emerge from the in’s and out of it all you will start making a profit. Many people with successful business will tell you the first year is the hardest but people are grateful they experienced that year, that year was the foundation and a mansion is nothing without a foundation.

Picture it as a seed, it takes time for it to grow into a massive tree. Your slow money with time will eventually turn into fast money with vigilance, determination, and patience. I will also advise to be weary of taking loans from banks, if you have issues with money it is better to stack and save money from your job, or get into a partnership with others who will invest in your future business. At least with the partnership you won’t have to worry about interest. Interest is the number one reason why people are barely surviving these days.

Most self made millionaires, literally slept in their car or was even homeless because they knew the sacrifice it took on the road to achieve their dream, they had that much faith in their heart to know that the situation they was in was only temporary.

Beware of fast money, fast money is flashy while slow money is unseen. Fast money draws attention while slow money keeps unwanted eyes off of you. Picture the drug dealers for instance, he gets the fast money  but it comes at such a rapid pace at such a short time, that for one business wise he does not know what to do with it, it draws too much unwanted attention and it creates jealousy and malice with his friends,family, and employees.

It’s a reason why 95 percent of lottery winners go broke within a year or two time because they’re not equip with the mental and hard work it took to acquire the money. Slow money prepares you for the millions and billions, while fast money is like having no money at all.

Don’t be anxious to be rich, but at the same time prepare yourself to be rich.



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L.j. Upshaw said : Guest 3 years ago

Breeze let me tell you something bro, shoot for the stars, the only person that's stopping you from making that million is you. Don't set a limit, have no limits. Another thing bro, get away from the people that's throwing darts toward your dreams. You can't blame them because they either don't know how to not follow the pack, or they are brainwash into the system where they tell you how you're suppose to live your life. You should really go into the "you got conned" section of the site, where I tell you the harsh truth about college, to put it simple and plain college is a scam bro that keeps you in debt. At the end of the day you are paying for a piece of paper that doesn't mean anything. You know deep down in your heart your dreams, it's time to follow them. Use that job money to fund your dreams bro.

Breeze said : Guest 3 years ago

I have a couple of ideas about creating a business or two, while it won't make me a millionaire, and I'm not trying to be one, it will allow me to live comfortable, if it really works. Lately I'm having some financial problems, so I need to get whatever job I can get, save some money on the side so I can invest in my business-ideas and on myself(related to the business). But my real problem comes from my environment. See, people around me, especially my parents, don't think I can make it without a college degree, they don't support me on this one, and my dad always tries to persuade me into going to college/university. This comes from the fact that at school(1st to 12th grade) I was one of the smartest kids, I also graduated in top 5 of my class, so they feel it would be a waste if I don't get a degree. But the thing is, I don't believe in nor care about getting a degree and "wasting" 4 years or more of my life just to have some fancy title. I also don't love any of the things they teach there, so it really feels like a waste of time if I did go. This whole situation just adds alot of stress on my life.

L.j. Upshaw said : Guest 3 years ago

Gagandeep Logix first off I want to say welcome to the boards my brother. You know deep down inside we all know what we want to do, but it's is the simple fact we have fear. Fear of not having much money for what we want to do, fear of what others will say, or just fear period. Another thing we are afraid of is failure. Do you know that if you give something your all and it fails, it means that success is right around the corner. Look at every successful person there is right now, every successful person will tell you that they failed once or multiple times before they was successful with their career or business. They always say that they appreciate the failure cause it taught them a different route they always said the failure taught them to keep going, it fueled them. Most people on this earth fail and quit, failure was put here on this earth to divide the quitters from the winners when success is three feet away from that failure. Like I said logix you already know deep down inside what you wanna do. I want to recommend a book for you that will help you become confident on what you should do in your life, it is a book called "Outwitting the devil" by neopolan hill, its the only book you will need to push you forward in your ideas about what you want to do and besides the book, just keep improving yourself. Stay away from fapping, and everything that you feel like a weakness in your life you improve it, and watch and see everything you been wanting to do in your life will come to you. When you work on yourself and improve yourself your mind and spirit will let you know what path you should take. Cheers my friend.

Gagandeep Kurl said : Guest 3 years ago

Jay this really and truly a dope write up, resonates with how i'm feeling right now, i'm at that point in life where I'm growing as a person, coming out of university graduated, I know I have something in me that's going to make me prosperous one day, I just don't know what it is or how to manifest it, but for now I will need to start off with a job and start making that slow money. It can be very uneasy at times, because you don't "fit in" so to speak but I find that so liberating to, to know I am special in that sense, I have a higher and more substanial purpose than to slave away until i'm 65. When you know your somebody that just isn't meant to be a slave all their life, someone who works "for" someone, that ain't me, I appreciate that I may start off like that, but that's not how my life will always be, I wish to be on that CEO/Elite level that you mentioned, a level where I can feel that I have achieved something substanstial and purposeful, something that uplifts others also, something different, a different environement, I want to be someone inspirational, but someone who has always been true to themselves because that's the route i'm walking, despite relapses, i'm putting porn and masturbating down for good and that is the first major step and action, and my mind feels so much stronger than before, especially after relapses, I've come back wanting to conquer my addictions more and more, I want to grow, expand and develop into something great, I recognise that that's what being a man is about, as clasik mentions all the time, we are creators, innovators, inventors, we build, and that just isn't possible whilst working "for" someone or "under" someone. At the same time, it can seem like a fine line between letting things be what they are and putting effort into making something happen, especially when you don't neccesarily know what it is your exactly going to be taking action upon, naturally letting things be is great and I feel that is how it should be, as one should not take to much control in his life, and as a matter of fact, should let go of control, yet how do you draw the line in finding something to work upon and on the other hand, naturally letting things be? Naturally letting things be seems lazy at times. Let me know your thoughts, would really appreciate your input :) Btw i'm Logix92 from the Wisemen forums :)

L.j. Upshaw said : Guest 3 years ago

Alex you hit the nail on the head. Fast money should be looked at as a curse, until you have fully established yourself in the beginning. If you look at people in the past mostly criminals if their rise to the top was too quickly, it always mean that their end was right around the corner.

Alexandar Lozanov said : Guest 3 years ago

That's true! We do not need to get addicted to money! We have to remember that the richest people spend their holidays with their families, and they are trully happy. And some of the people who make money fast just party with strangers until their dough runs out, and they find themselves more miserable than before they had money. So it appears that fast money is a curse, if you are not prepared to deal with it.

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