The Results of Getting Something from Nothing (lottery curse)

Have you ever asked the question, why success doesn’t come easy?

Maybe there are people out there who have the blueprint or the cheat code that cuts through the bull, and grants you access to the fame and fortune that’s way faster then others.

You have people out there that are waiting on their “chance” waiting for money to fall out the sky, without any work involved……

How does this usually end for people when you get money, without hard work?

People who are inexperienced with money, with no true teaching of it, soon realize that money in large amounts can turn into a beast that becomes to big for them to tame…..

You have people who are on government assistance, a lottery winners, or those who are born into money.

Now out of those three things I named, there are rare instances where people really take off success wise….

but the majority of the time, those three things can become hell.


Just remember that money is like a drug……keep this in mind and lets break down why getting something from nothing, such as hitting lottery winning numbers is not a exciting thing at all……

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“I was living the millionaire lifestyle– everyone who wins the lottery should do that, there’s no point entering otherwise.”

These words come from Roger Griffith, a 2005 jackpot winner who blew through $2.76 million in 2010.

Him and his wife Lara, actually had humble beginnings before things went downhill.

Lara Griffith was a performing arts teacher and Roger was an IT manager…bringing in a yearly salary of $100,000 so how could things possibly go wrong a cool 2 million comes their way…

Winning it All

The chances of winning the lottery is one in a million….which basically means if you lived in Los Angles you would be the only person in that huge city who wins the jackpot……

In mid-October of 2005, Roger walked inside a convenience store and didn’t realize when he walked out his life would be changed (for the best and worst).

Overnight him and Lara became millionaires.

The Beginning of the End

Even though Roger and Lara had education and great jobs, they still was not prepared for money. They were never taught how to handle large amounts of money….

they didn’t have the DISCIPLINE…..this is why, getting something from nothing never works out. It’s just like the law of gravity in a way.

Mistake 1

The couple went on television, and received the winning check…this is a big no no…..

your not only broadcasting to your “long lost” family and friends to hound you down for money, but your also setting yourself up for criminals to extort you out your cash.

Mistake 2

The next thing they did was quit their jobs. Which is the worst thing you can do.

You may be asking, why is this such a bad idea Jay?

Well we both know the money is coming, but the difference between what I know and you don’t, is that your going to spend the 2 million and not bring anything else in.

Until you figure out how to create a new stream of income, never quit your job.

Mistake 3

Roger and Lara wanted more, even though they already had cars and a house, a house were they where keeping up the payments on.


Roger and Lara fell into the trap of wanting to up size on things they couldn’t afford before.

Within 10 days………….yes 10 days……….the couple had already blown though $20,000 dollars of the winnings.

The 20 grand was not on the house, I haven’t got there yet, this was spent on trips, expensive hotel rooms and a brand new Audi convertible.

This couple found a expensive barn (I was thinking the same thing. when I seen barn as well).

Of course they did not want to bring in their old furniture so they bought new stuff.

They also refurbish the house, being that it was a barn……..refurbish meaning lighting, kitchen fixtures, air conditioning, repainting the inside/outside, and insulation.

Those where the major mistakes that Roger and Lara made, here are the rest……

  • More vacations, even spending the night in the London hotel “One Aldwych” were just a one night stay is 400 dollars.
  • Lara begin buying all the high fashion items she couldn’t previously afford such as Louis Vitton purses.
  • Sending their two kids to private school…… much did it cost them? $26,500 a year.
  • Roger started a rock band, he would stay in expensive hotels where elite rock stars would stay to network, and even hire a publicist that charges 1,500 a month.
  • Roger album flopped selling only 600 albums, and it cost him $33,000 to make it flop.
  • Bad investments, the couple tried to invest in a hair salon business but in the end they was losing $5,000 dollars a month on their salon.

Remember that barn that the couple bought? Well, the value of it dropped, and as you can tell by now, their bank account did as well.
All these things are the results of getting something for nothing. Nothing in this this world worth something comes easy.

And if it does, it will destroy you.

70 percent of lottery winners end up bankrupt according to the National Endowment for Financial Education.

Remember when I said in the beginning that money is a drug? You can be addicted to having it, spending it, and when there is no more to be had you begin to experience withdrawal symptoms.

This is what happened to Roger once he seen the money begin to disappear, he would lock himself in his room all day playing the guitar.

You see money is like a untamed beast. Either you can learn about it ways and tame it or you can let it attack you and let it ruin your life.

Remember that money isn’t everything, but it is a tool that can be used to take you to the next level or destroy you and your relationships with others.

This story has an unfortunate ending….

Roger and Lara split up….after 14 years of marriage, Lara decided to divorce roger and take the kids once she discovered e-mails between him and another woman.

Before the divorce the ex couple, sold everything……the salon they ended up selling for $100,000 dollars less then what they originally paid for, and had their investment properties repossessed because they was unable to make further payments.

Remember the Barn………..the barn is up for sale as well.

Lara says, “I’m not even back to square one, I’m much worse off than before the win.”

When Roger was asked what he thinks about winning the lottery, he says “It was the worst day of my life.”

They lost it all, even each other, because they received something for nothing.

So if someone out there gave you the blueprint to his success, would it be pointless to follow if you won’t put the same work as the person before you?

How many car companies are out there?

Karl Benz, founded what is now known as Mercedes-Benz in 1883.

Henry Ford followed behind him in 1903. I’m pretty sure Ford had Benz blueprint, but he put in the work to create the “Model T” and made it affordable for middle class Americans to purchase and drive a car.

He had a plan and a vision……..this vision made him the richest and one of the best known people in the world.

What was his vision at the time……

“Lowering Cost”, which put dealerships all over America, and in major cities in other continents.

You may have heard of “Fordism” the definition is mass production of inexpensive goods couples with high wages for workers.

These two visions, is why 70 years after his death we are still buying this man cars.

Roger and Lara, did not have a vision, they didn’t have the discipline which is okay because we are all on the same playing field but when things come….


it usually means your SCREWED!

Another something from nothing we have in America is government assistance be it welfare or food stamps.

I understand that there are people out there who truly need it be it people with disabilities, veterans, etc.


For a large amount of people without those problems who receive these things and refuse to work….they end up broken like Roger and Lara.

Without the hard work and discipline, the “FREE MONEY” will destroy you.

Welfare first of all keep people comfortable in the barely getting by state, making them too lazy to work or make their conditions better.

It’s like the cage bird mentality. Keep the bird in the cage long enough, and it will never leave the cage, once you leave it open to free it.

You have many who abuse government programs as well by lying on information about their status, because they are in the cage bird mentality.

They are dependent………..and once your dependent on something, your life is…..DONE.

The devil in Napoleon Hill’s “Outwitting the Devil”, call this dependent state DRIFTING, and it is almost impossible to escape that state.

You see, winning the lottery only works, if you are prepared for it, and with the odds of winning the jackpot, I highly doubt the poor sap who wins will be able to keep the winnings or even double it.

Life just doesn’t work that way…..

if Hard Work is not involved, you will lose whatever you attained.

That’s why the old saying holds true, “if it is too good to be true, it is.”

Stay away from gambling, lottery jackpot tickets, waiting on an inheritance, and if you are on welfare work hard to get off it….

because in the end, welfare is meant to be temporary until you get on your feet anyway.

Later Wolves


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