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Productivity: 8 ways to create the desire, focus, and drive for your life

Increase productivity by following these awesome 8 tips

To increase productivity, all it takes is to analyze your routine or look at the routines of people around you.  But wait….what is productivity? In laymen terms, the art of getting shit done. Why is it so hard getting things … Continue reading


The Secret Behind Words

Dr. Masaru Emoto ran an experiment a Japanese scientist ran an experiment where he poured water over cooked rice in three different glasses. He labels the first one “Thank You”, the second one “You’re an Idiot”, and the last one … Continue reading


When you CHASE you LOSE!

Your life is headed Nowhere, unless you STOP chasing THINGS and PEOPLE!

If you would look at the National Football League or College football understand that when the quarterback throws the ball into one of his teammates hands, the opposite team will chase or do anything in their power to tackle the … Continue reading


What is More Important to your Life?

Things just haven’t turned out how you thought it would when you was child.You’re not in the right relationship, you’re not where you at career wise, and life is getting more stressful and overwhelming by the day. Well…. There is … Continue reading


How to be a Universal Ruler like Genghis Khan

How to be a Universal Ruler like Genghis

History is like the blueprint to success. We look back a few months back on How to be Great like Alexander…. But this time around I want us to take a look at someone who had a even more powerful….larger … Continue reading


6 Lessons from the Walking Dead

THE Walking Dead You heard of the show I’m sure….being the third most watch show in America, and spanning all the way to 7 seasons. Yes, the basis of the show is about a zombie apocalypse through the time frame of … Continue reading


5 All time Best books to Read!

You must read these 5 best books to read, finally some books with value that you can use to change your life!

Books can….. SUCK if it holds no value, and value can be worth more then a million dollars at times. You ever have a time you read about a book online, and people swear in the reviews that this is … Continue reading


How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Has Worrying ever solved your problems? This is how you can really change the game dale carnegie how to stop worrying and start living

Last time we talked I brought up this guy…… this guy was a genius, and I hate he is gone…..he has taught the world a lot….well not the world but those who was fed up with being the same as … Continue reading

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