The American Dream?


The American Dream?

You are born and raised in America, so I’m pretty sure you have heard this term, even foreigners have heard this phrase, this is why the battle is so intense when it comes to crossing that border for them.

What the hell is the American dream?

Is it an idea, or is it something that suppose to be obtain by all Americans?

When you look around, how many people are living that dream or living in the lie of having it.

Well my dear friends you came to the right place if you are looking for answers to those type of questions….

The American Dream stems off from the Declaration of Independence where all men are created equal, where every U.S citizen have the rights to pursue…


sounds epic right?

Now, let me know in any of that did it say anything about owning a expensive house, with an expensive car in the garage, all surrounded by a white picket fence?

Hold that thought………

The American Dream in a nutshell is about going to the next level in life, without roadblocks from anyone or any object.

What the American Dream has become…..


is a croc of BS….I kid you not google this phrase “the american dream house”…

and you will get images of leave it to beaver type houses, with that 1960’s make believe image of what life and family is suppose to be.

Being an house owner is provided by the same evil deities who created Christmas buying, black Friday buying, Easter buying, mothers day buying, father day buying, valentines day buying, thanksgiving buying and Halloween buying.

The same guys who tricked you into believing that owning a house is a good investment when you have to pay interest on money you borrowed from the bank.

You borrow money from the bank, and pay interest. Interest which turns into you really paying for once house for the price of two.

Not to mention the car notes you still paying or the $30,000 college debt you haven’t begin paying off.

I was born and raised in America, so don’t get me wrong. I have always believed that hard work and determination, can get you far in this country but I also use my brain to see whats really being sold to me and I know you do too.

You see The American Dream is something spiritual, it can’t be seen. It deals with happiness and freedom.

Yet the new American Dream deals with depression, stress, and slavery from the house notes, car notes, and college debt that you will be paying for years to come, even up to your death.

The beautiful thing about this country that their are always loopholes around these things that seem to hold us back.

Especially if you have a minimalist mindset.

1.You don’t need an expensive house to have a nice house….no… can purchase a house under 65k (no condo or townhouse with hoa fees) that can be paid off in a few amount of years.

2.A cash car (bring a mechanic with you) that’s under 10k, with low mileage, and a good title (no salvage or rebuilt title) that will last you for a long time with no stressful notes to pay off monthly.

3.Ask anyone around with a college degree….the majority….will tell you their not working in their field and they owe a depressing amount of money for a piece of paper called a degree. That degree should really be called a note.

What are the loopholes to college?

For one, you can go to school for a trade. A trade is something the world will always need and will never go away and it doesn’t take long to finish compared to a bachelor degree (and you will make the same money if not more then someone with a bachelor).

You won’t owe nearly as much as you would going after a bachelor as well.

The internet is powerful, you can dodge school entirely and invest in an online course, by a teacher with a great reputation to kick things in high gear immediately.

Also people are even clueless to the fact of hidden scholarships out there, they are out there for the grabbing, but no one takes advantage feeling as though you either have to be really smart or very good in sports to get one. All you have to do is find them and apply.

Don’t let the real American Dream go in vain. You have the right to pursue your goal, make a living off that goal, but even more then make a living, have that sense of happiness and freedom that every American and non American seeks for everyday.

Later Wolves


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2 Comments on The American Dream?

Fatal Jay said : administrator 7 months ago

Awesome reply my friend, it has went from dream to an endless nightmare. It's amazing, how debt and poverty is the energy, that the 1 percent feed upon. They don't want you to pay anything encourage you to stay in debt. This has become the new American Dream (nightmare)

Joel said : Guest 7 months ago

The American Dream is dead and it has been replaced by false hope and expectations. Debt, poverty, and hunger are on the rise while The American Dream promises riches. Yes, it is the land of opportunity but will opportunity show up for you? Better yet, will you be in a position to take the opportunity when it comes?

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