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6 Lessons from the Walking Dead

THE Walking Dead You heard of the show I’m sure….being the third most watch show in America, and spanning all the way to 7 seasons. Yes, the basis of the show is about a zombie apocalypse through the time frame of … Continue reading


13 Inspirational Movie Quotes

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                 I haven’t done a movie review in awhile….because I been hella busy like you should!!!… but as you know, when I watch a movie I’m not only in it for the entertainment … Continue reading


People Who Are Out To Destroy You!

  There are eyes watching you Some lurk in the shadows, some in the sunlight, a lot of those eyes belong to your so called closest friends and family. The eyes that watch you secretly hate you, these people love … Continue reading


If Your Brain Had Limitless Information, What Would You Do First?

Limitless You have a pill that a shady friend gives to you off the street. He says its fresh out the lab and the pill doesn’t have a name yet, this pill will open up your entire brain to endless … Continue reading


X-men: Apocalypse A Cool Movie Review

  😆 I am beyond late with this movie review, but since when have I been on time at all when it comes to movies. Marvel is slaying the theaters with the films they have released so far this year. Civil War … Continue reading


Batman Begins: A Breakdown for Men

Batman is a fictional character, yes I know this, but there is something fascinating about this character, many levels between the bridge of Bruce Wayne and the Dark Knight. It is almost as if he is Batman, and Bruce Wayne … Continue reading


Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice Review

Good evening pack, I just came back from the early screening of “Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice”, and I must say looking back I have mixed feelings about the film. It was like a fucked up jigsaw puzzle, once … Continue reading


Do not watch the Fantastic 4 Reboot!

Pack I’m back and I thought nothing would be worst then Jupiter ascending. Well I believe we have a contender who may have knocked out Jupiter Ascending out the ring. This movie is the reboot of Marvel own’s Fantastic four. I … Continue reading