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What is More Important to your Life?

Things just haven’t turned out how you thought it would when you was child.You’re not in the right relationship, you’re not where you at career wise, and life is getting more stressful and overwhelming by the day. Well…. There is … Continue reading


How to be a Universal Ruler like Genghis Khan

How to be a Universal Ruler like Genghis

History is like the blueprint to success. We look back a few months back on How to be Great like Alexander…. But this time around I want us to take a look at someone who had a even more powerful….larger … Continue reading


The Results of Getting Something from Nothing (lottery curse)

the results of getting something from nothing the lottery curse star solace

Have you ever asked the question, why success doesn’t come easy? Maybe there are people out there who have the blueprint or the cheat code that cuts through the bull, and grants you access to the fame and fortune that’s … Continue reading


6 Lessons from the Walking Dead

THE Walking Dead You heard of the show I’m sure….being the third most watch show in America, and spanning all the way to 7 seasons. Yes, the basis of the show is about a zombie apocalypse through the time frame of … Continue reading


5 All time Best books to Read!

You must read these 5 best books to read, finally some books with value that you can use to change your life!

Books can….. SUCK if it holds no value, and value can be worth more then a million dollars at times. You ever have a time you read about a book online, and people swear in the reviews that this is … Continue reading


40+ Quotes about Life from Amazing People

quotes about Life that will burn through your core and make you better!

You learn a lot just by listening……..when you always have something to say and don’t analyze you go around in circles in life. Words are powerful, there is life and death in the tongue. People can build you up or … Continue reading


How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Has Worrying ever solved your problems? This is how you can really change the game dale carnegie how to stop worrying and start living

Last time we talked I brought up this guy…… this guy was a genius, and I hate he is gone…..he has taught the world a lot….well not the world but those who was fed up with being the same as … Continue reading


17 Wealth Tips for Successful People

  That beautiful, green image of our friend Ben Franklin is something that me, you, and millions more people in the world want and some feel like they need. It would be great to have one hundred dollars, but a … Continue reading