The Throw Away Money

     I was watching a film….

perhaps you heard of it called state property 2. Dame (roc-a-fella Dame Dash) was breaking down the amount of crack he breaks down and sold in the movie.

I don’t condone drugs, but Dame says that must drug dealers stop at 5 dollars rocks (which is the lowest they make on the drug), yet he goes beyond that and sells 2 dollar and even 1 dollar crack rocks.

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This blew me away, and what was weird it made me think about how us as a society bypass coin money and go straight for the dollar.

(yes I know weird correlation) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯………….

If you go outside or look in your couch, you will find money laying around.

CBS Money Watch says….

Americans throw away $62 Million in coins each year….hmmmm who would have thought it……..

make it rain

A lot of people despise the penny, they say ole Lincoln is worth one cent and not worth the time picking up whenever you see one at the

Wal-mart parking lot or other public places.


one man throw away is potentially another man fortune. You see pennies add up, and yes it does take time, but at the end of the day, money is money.

See, if you start your penny collection now, and collect within a year time….who’s the say how much you will have once you roll it all up and exchange it to the bank?

See, if your a hustler like dame dash, you will understand that money is money, people throw away money will become your money.

You’re probably wondering where the heck did that $62 million number come from, or was it some number that fell out of some sky.

Well these numbers are based on the 25 cents in each ton of waste, with about 250 millions tons of garbage in each landfill.

Whether it is by accident or on purpose (usually both) people are throwing away their coins like trash.

The Secret About Certain Coins Out There

You know, it might be ironic since this article is about throw away money, because it is people out there who collect and keep an eye out for “junk coins.”

What is junk coins?

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At one time, before 1965 coins such as nickels, dimes, and quarters where made out of 90% silver. Now these coins are made out of copper covered with nickel.

In 1982 or earlier all pennies were made out of 95% copper. Current pennies are made out of zinc and the price of one is 0.024, lol not even worth 1 cent.

Finding these type of coins in the street or in people possession is a very rare come by, but…………


because if you go online to ebay or amazon, it is people who are always selling junk coins, just be wise on your purchase, and read up if you want to start “investing” in coin collection.

Also if you have a local coin shop, they usually sell a handful for 10 bucks face value.

Dame Dash had it right my wolves, a real hustler doesn’t mind if he/she has to nickle and dime to the top

Napoleon Hill said it best……

If You Can’t Do Great Things, Do Small Things In A Great Way!



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2 Comments on The Throw Away Money

Fatal Jay said : administrator 8 months ago

@204Park Money is money my friend

204 Park said : Guest 8 months ago

Interesting post and definitely something to think about....those pennies add up!!

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