Time Flies

The Clock…

can be used to your advantage, but most of the time it is our worst enemy. Time has it boundaries and we use it in sections to work, eat, sleep and rest.

Have you thought about it?

How time is like an invisible bubble that we live inside day in and day out.

If you go through the same daily routine within time, then you end up with the same results, but if you do things differently lets say for instance, getting up an hour earlier then what your accustom to, you usually end up with different or better results….

Because you got more work done, you were more prepared for the oncoming day, or just changing up the routine to see if something new would come into your life.


People who “act” like they don’t have enough time in the day are usually lazy or procrastinators.

That is only because their stuck in the same soul sucking routine.


It takes sacrifice to add more time in your life. Which means for one you will have to wake up earlier. If you wake up at 7……wake up at 5 instead.

This way you will have more hours in your day before you crash. Five o’clock is a very quiet time of the day, which is something you should take advantage of.

From getting prepared for work, to working out, or just planning out business. You will be done by time others are just getting out the bed.

24 hours 7 days a week is something man made. To create holidays and seasons so you can buy product according to those times.

One thing that is always constant is the sun and the moon. That dictates time. Not a clock, not a job, or not even dates.

It’s all about is what you are doing with your with the time, are you wasting it until you die or are you taking advantage of it?

What’s Holding you Back?

What makes you procrastinate? Why is time moving by so fast and things are getting worst?

Take time out…..turn off the TV, turn off the phone, even turn off the lights if you really need to, and really quiet your mind and think about why hours and years have gone by, and yet life is getting harder with no results.

The quickest way to get the ball rolling is by eliminating and throwing away things.

If your boat is sinking, wouldn’t it be better to throw some things over board?

Get rid of TV shows, gaming, putting things off till deadlines, and anything else that doesn’t have a real reward once you put in work. Anything that makes time go by faster.

How can you Conquer Time?

1.Wake up at an earlier time (5 o’clock is a good time to start the day but it takes discipline)

2.Trade in negative time (gaming, long hours of watching television etc) for productive time ( working on goals, working out, doing something different outside your normal routine)

3.Don’t waste hours on your job, download apps (to help you organize your day) on your phone or write it down on paper whenever you get ideas for your bigger goals in life. That will help you fill in gaps of wasting time on your job

4.Do a little bit day by day to get closer to what you want. Invest in yourself not into other people dreams and creations.

Time is amazing, it’s the one thing a human being can not hold on to, but it is something that winners can manipulate (like formula 1 racers)

Losers waste it and have it work against them. A long boring wasteful life then you die….

So do you really want to go out like that, or do you want to make time your best friend?


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6 Comments on Time Flies

Fatal Jay said : administrator 8 months ago

lol Sarah, I use to be the same way. Now I am an app freak, because they have helped organize my wacky life

Sarah said : Guest 8 months ago

I really need to adhere to #3- I know there are things that can help but I'm such a control freak, I don't trust apps 😉

Fatal Jay said : administrator 8 months ago

Thanks Meiah, continue keeping time by your side

Meiah | My Crazy Hectic Life said : Guest 8 months ago

Super great read! I give those tips to friends all the time :)

Fatal Jay said : administrator 8 months ago

Tony, thanks for the awesome comment. I just want to see the rewards will come in due time, but you ever heard of the time work hard, play hard? Nothing that work hard, came first. Notice the people who constantly play hard without the work, are miserable, and stuck in the same position they were in 10 years ago.

Tony Simms said : Guest 8 months ago

What a great use of my time this article was. A few of the comments really hit home, You see I tend to lie to myself! I am starting out as an online marketer, and after a hard days work I sit at the PC write a blog post (for example) and I say, I will just have one round of Backgammon first, just to unwind. An hour and a half later I realise I have just wasted all that time instead of getting on with the blog. The thing is, I really know when I say it that it will be more than one game! So your comments about procrastination and playing games really hit home. Thanks very much for the gentle kick up the backside.

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