6 Lessons from the Walking Dead


Walking Dead

You heard of the show I’m sure….being the third most watch show in America, and spanning all the way to 7 seasons.

Yes, the basis of the show is about a zombie apocalypse through the time frame of Rick Grimes.

You see the audience is just like Rick, we have no clue how the zombie apocalypse came about, why the people all over the states turned into them.

Everyone on the show besides Rick, seen the day when all hell broke lose, but Sheriff Deputy Rick was in a coma when it all happened, from a shootout from a high speed chase stand off.

Yes the show is in it’s 7th season, but I would like to take a close look of the walking dead season 1, episodes 1, 2, and 3……

You see while I was on netflix, and checking out a few episodes of the show, it never dawned on me how the walking dead gave out tons of great information that you can apply to your life.

In the walking dead setting, one mistake can cost you your life and the lives of others……..

Then there are times where people still revert to the things of their past before the zombie takeover. Those things as well kept people and those around them alive.

I plucked out some great things to ponder on, that was shown in episodes 1-3, lets see if you can apply these awesome lessons to your routine.

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Throw away the Pointless and get to the Point

We begin out journey with Sheriff Rick Grimes in a coma, being shot twice from a shootout in a high speed chase.

Rick looks around and notice that he has been in the hospital for some time being that the flowers sent to him died.

He awakens to a new world, a world full of people who seem dead and want to kill him.

Once Rick makes a terrifying escape out the hospital, and into the city….Rick has one thing in mind….

He must return to his wife and kid.

The opening of the show, Rick is in the squad car with his partner speaking on how him and his wife are growing apart,

but when crap begins to hit the fan….you begin to notice that the petty things between you and your love ones vanish fast.

Life is short, especially on the walking dead. If your loved one pissed you off, what does it benefit to hold a grudge?

You see….everyone expects for rude to be paid back by rude, but rude being paid back by forgiveness or indifference blows people away, almost as if your from another planet.

Networking with link minded people

Rick makes it to his house, and yes you guess it…

His wife and kids are not there. So while Rick is setting on the front steps outside of his house, he gets a face full of shovel by a young kid who is with his father.

The two believed Rick was a Walker (the name of the zombies in the show).

Once Rick comes too, he begins talking to Morgan Jones and his son Duane, to get a little information about the new world he has woken up to.

He lets Rick know, that the only way you can kill a walker is by shooting or crushing the brain.

It’s very important to Network (exchange and connect information with others) with like minded people. You will be surprised the inspiration that comes from scratching the brains of others (no pun intended).

Rick learned some vital information that will keep him alive in this new world, and if you connect and have conversations with a group of people that are prominent in your field, you will learn some new tips and tricks as well.

A Plan can change your life

Or in Rick case save your life…..

Once Rick gets information from Morgan about their being survivors in Atlanta, Ricks make his travel toward that way.

Before the journey, Rick reverts to his talents by stopping by the police station and stocking up on guns and ammuntion.

He makes his way to city….(which is populated by a mass number of zombies)

once he gets through the hordes, he find a band of survivors stranded on inside a building. They are trapped…..Rick is trapped….and both are trying to figure out a way to escape, which seems slim to none.

Rick comes up with two plans to escape the building and downtown Atlanta.


Create a diversion to have the zombies looking in one direction, while the group goes the opposite direction.


After Rick learns from the group that the zombies can tell the difference between themselves by smell, Rick came up with a plan to kill a walker then cover himself in the zombies blood, guts, and gore to blend in.

Plan B is gross, yet brilliant and you must remember, the most effective plans are the ones that take work and RISK.

Risk have to be Taken

Rick Grimes and Glenn Rhee cover themselves in the zombie blood…and now it was time to step out into the city and see if they would blend in with the rest of the walkers or be ripped to pieces by the massive population of walking dead.

Ask their walking, the zombies get somewhat curious but figures their the same as them.


A storm begins to brew, and the rain drops begin to fall….and yes you guess it, the water begins to wash off the smell.

So Rick and Glenn hightail it to the nearest cars. Rick grabs a loading truck so he could fit the survivors in the back, and Glenn grabs a challenger with the alarm on,to distract the walkers into following him.

Remember…..the walkers love sound.

Rick makes it back to the building with the survivors, load them up and take them to their camp.

Without taking risk, there is no rewards. Without risk you will just remain average, just dreaming.

You ever take a shot in the dark with something, and ended up successful? Can you remember that feeling, the wealthy people of our society take more risk then the average man.

Which should be the other way around….maybe that is why those people are successful and the average person remains…..well…average.


So our heroes of the show make it to the survivors camp in the mountains in the outskirts of Atlanta…..

the viewers of the show knew the entire time that Rick wife and son was in that camp, but not Rick.

When he gets out of the loading truck, you can see tons of emotions going through his mind when he see’s them.His thoughts, his determination, was so focus on finding his family, that there was no doubt at all that he could find them.

Later on that night, his wife ask him how did he know that her and their son Carl was still alive.Rick response was, all the photos in the house where gone, he knew if they was dead, the pictures would still be in the house.

You have to have a burning desire…..and you can use things to fuel that burning desire….

for instance, if you have a boss/job that you hate going to everyday, use that to fuel your determination to be prepared to leave or to start your own business.

Floyd Mayweather says it best “Hard work and determination”.

Determination keep things in 5th gear on those days when it seem like the journey is impossible.

Rick went through and seen hell, but he knew in his heart he will find his family.

Problems will Arise after Success

By time we get to The Walking Dead season 1 episode 3, the viewers already know that there is an affair with Rick wife and his police partner Shane Walsh.

You see they found comfort in themselves, both thinking that Rick died in the hospital during the outbreak.

We see in episode 2 things become very hot and heavy, so it was a shock to Shane and Lori (Rick wife) to see Rick still alive.

You see Rick, had reach his goals, and yet in the dark (where problems mostly arise) was another issue about to take place….growing…and eventually will show its ugly head.

Picture it as Hulk Hogan in the late 80’s early 90’s, after beating the crap out of a lot of wrestlers and getting the championship belt (success) now he has to constantly defend his title against wrestlers (problems) who want his spot.

So things do not end with a happy ending, especially in the walking dead.

Success is really the beginning to another chapter.

For my fans of the walking dead, you already know what comes about with Rick, Lori, and Shane in later episodes…… and for my newbies you will have to sit and enjoy the rest of the show for yourselves. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯





Just like in the batman begins breakdown I did, instead of just watching tv shows or movies, I like to take things away from it.

I call myself a writer, and the writers behind the walking dead are some brilliant individuals.I say this because it’s tough keeping people attention in America…….season 1 rarely has dull moments.

To be honest the walking dead characters alone are more interesting then the zombies. To be able to have people interested in the characters and have the action as a bonus is a rare thing in film.

this keeps me interested in seeing how the writers will have certain characters respond to certain struggles and difficulties that arise in the show……and like a little kid I say to myself, “hey I want to try this too.” How can I apply what I just seen in the show to my life?

So take the risk, and pick up THE WALKING DEAD SEASON 1 & SEASON 7 today.

pics courtesy of amc walking dead

Later Wolves


Are you a fan of Walking Dead? If you are, let me know in the comments your favorite season and why.

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