9. Weed, Alcohol, and Cigarettes : The tools of derailment

Pack I’m back,

As the economy slips down that dark rabbit hole, we will see more of the masses indulging in the use of weed, alcohol, cigarettes, and other recreational drugs. I won’t take you back to the time you was in school with the D.A.R.E classes  (I believe those classes turned people curiosity to drugs more) but I will inform you that the use of these drugs, will with time derail you from everything you had hope to achieve. You may wonder why I have cigarettes listed, cigarettes is the most dangerous of all drugs, it destroys the foundation of  achieving goals which is using your mind correctly and focusing your mind.



Lets speak on the one that seems the least but is really the greater threat, there are millions upon millions of people who smoke cigarettes. People are so hooked now that you rarely see advertisement for it anymore on publications and television. Having a habit such as smoking destroys your thought patterns. It makes you dependent, picture trying to wean a  baby from the bottle. The only thing the baby thinks about in time of critical situations, is getting to the bottle, even  times when the baby is not hungry.

Smoking is similar, it destroys endurance and it destroys the ability to concentrate. Whenever you’re stressed, smoke, whenever you’re happy, smoke, whenever you’re done having sex, smoke, whenever you’re bored smoke. This is what it mean when I say it destroys your thought patterns. This is when addiction starts and this is when you go inside the hamster wheel of life that is hard to get out of. Smoking lowers your resistance, to clarify, whenever you have a thought of quitting any bad habit through discipline, smoking does the complete opposite to your brain which with time will make your resistance weaker.

Weed is coming back into the fore font again, and I will say it is the weaker when it comes to ciggs but at the same time quicker in breaking your will. Weed gives a person the satisfaction of being in the same spot in life or settling for less. Just like cigarettes it destroys endurance, you will rarely find someone smoke large amounts and want to get up and run a marathon soon after.

Alcohol  produce reckless thoughts. Alcohol after large consumptions gives the confidence of doing and saying things you would give a second thought on and doing, or not do with a sober mind. It will destroy your focus, something as simple as driving a car can not be performed while being under the influence of alcohol so how will alcohol profit you into achieving your goals and dreams? No way it will happen.

I can not tell anyone how to live their lives, but I want to warn you of the tools put out there to keep people from thinking and being competition to the people who have already achieved their goals.




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L.j. Upshaw said : Guest 3 years ago

Ben thanks for the comments. The real movers and shakers keep a sober mind. You mind reverts to savageness when your under the influence of anything

Benjamin Damarco said : Guest 3 years ago

they have street drugs, then they have their own drugs

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