2. You don’t get it, take what you want!

Greetings Wolf Pack, I was watching “The Departed” this weekend and the intro to the movie blew me away. Now most people who have seen this movie would wonder what I was talking about because the movie starts out slow but I think most people did not get what I’m about to say. Jack Nicholson character was speaking about the history of Boston back in the 70’s and how a certain race did not understand how America truly work. He said nothing is given to you that’s why whatever you want you have to TAKE IT!

Take what you want success

This means stop waiting for it to fall out the sky because it won’t. Stop praying about it without action because I promise you all the prophets in the good book had to get off their butts and come close to dying for it before the goal was achieved. It means stop putting it to the back burner and telling yourself that one day I will work on it. I promise you that one day will never come with that type of thinking. Reason being that so many people have proven me right throughout your lifetime and in the past.

How many times did you fawn over a certain girl, and you never had the nuts to even ask for something simple as her phone number? The stars was even aligned where you had the perfect moment to seize your chance and you let being uncomfortable blow it for you.

Comfort is the reason you wont succeed comfort is the reason why you will continue to hate your  environment, job and life. It’s harsh but it’s real. The creator of all things throw you hints constantly and yet you don’t act on it. Matter of fact everyday is that day. Just a small piece of work daily gets you closer to what you dreamed about, and yet you can’t even do that correctly.

Neil Armstrong name will forever be engraved in future books thousands of years after we have all died off just for the simple fact he took his chance to become legendary. Even when a lot of people before him died to reach the moon like he did. Armstrong drive to stay out of his comfortable zone is the reason why his grandkids, great grandkids and so forth will have a long list of proud descendants based on what their ancestor did.

Did Neil Armstrong have doubts? He is human so I know he did. Doubts are the cleanser of the universe. It divides the realest from the fakers. It divides the rich from the poor. It divides the legends from the ordinary.

You could be the first in your family and circle to achieve something that was never thought of. Your one choice your one decision can carry on all the way to your great grandkids and well beyond.

Movies have also destroyed our thinking. The more you watch the more you start becoming detached from how the real world operates. Movies have made us believe that there is some hope or some chance that will fall on our lap and make us wealthy  like Jed Clampett from the Beverly hillbillies. The real world does not work like this and before television was invented people knew this.

The way movies depict love, relationships and life is all lies. Movies are the reasons why guys are out right now spending their entire check on gifts, dinners and whatever else on whorish women who don’t deserve it and once they drain the poor guy up she is on to the next one. Even the commercials are lies. The thing about television it is designed for you to be a consumer. Hence the guy buying gifts and dates based on a movie he perceived that women want from a guy.

but I digress….

If you don’t take it, I promise you someone else will. Later Wolf Pack


4 Comments on 2. You don’t get it, take what you want!

L.j. Upshaw said : Guest 2 years ago

Focus on it and TAKE IT, it is your given right as long as it's moral then you can take it like it was yours before it even belonged to you, if you desire it strong enough, I promise Nightingale you will get whatever you desire if you

Nightingale said : Guest 2 years ago

I agree this was one of the big ones.. A lot of us I think are brought up to meak in these senses, the only way to truly get something done is to focus on it. If I have a son, he'll learn to get things by trying for them

L.j. Upshaw said : Guest 2 years ago

Thanks Winnie, peace and much love to you.

Winnie said : Guest 2 years ago

I really dig this one LJ... Your biggest fan

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