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 SLAVERY I have thought about this, I even tried to reason it….. and I keep coming back to the same conclusion…… DEBT is bull$hit. The thugs…..*excuse me*…….I mean the banks came up with a beautiful plan to put a leash … Continue reading


4 Ways You’re Wasting Time and Money

People always ask me, “how can I prevent boredom?” My reply is simple…. Always Move Forward if your not staying busy, if your not constantly advancing, then guess what my furry friends? You will waste a lot of time, and … Continue reading


3 Things That Are Not What They Seem

        I was watching the Olympics, viewing Usain Bolt annihilate the competition. When i heard the announcer say he won his ninth gold medal, a thought occured to me. A gold medal should be worth alot of money, since its made out of….well…gold 😵. … Continue reading


What is Malware?

Hello Wolf Pack, If you are viewing this website, then more then likely you are on a computer, or laptop. Yes I do know about smartphones also, but if you are viewing this article then I am pretty sure you … Continue reading


Tax Debt Scam

Hello Wolf Pack, W-2 forms are headed your way. Some of you are looking forward to this season and some of you dread it. One thing that is certain in life, you will pay taxes until the day you die. … Continue reading


The Tai Lopez Scam

Greetings Pack, Some of you may not know who Tai Lopez is but if you been surfing around on YouTube I bet you have seen his advertisements pop up before you viewed the video you desired. See the thing about … Continue reading


8. I refuse to buy anything on Black Friday

Evening Pack, Its around the time, where people go nuts over black friday sales, black Friday this black friday that. Black Friday has been conning and scamming you for years. The commercials and the online ads begin to pick up … Continue reading


Three Scams that go unnoticed everyday

Hello wolf pack, you know, I bet you never notice that there are scams all around you. Some are very much so noticeable and others can not be seen by the naked eye. The reason for this is that three of … Continue reading